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      This is where I do my writings.

      This is how I do my writings.

      This is why I do my writings.

      It all starts…here.



      In the darkest corner of ones mind.

      Calling forth the images.

      Should I write about the Destruction?

      It is the only one I can see.



      This is why I write.



      Crawling out of the emptness.

      A forgotten crevice of a web of despair.

      Where it lies slumbering in a infested hole.

      Waking now to sing a whispered hymn.



      Or perhaps to spin myself a tale.

      Forever trying to hold back.

      The screams of my deepest nightmares.

      Bleeding Crimson.



      This is why I write.



      In the coldest ends.

      Internal Demons Fighting.

      Wearing the scars of many battles.

      Tomorrow never comes to an end. 



      To put one self out to others.

      Convincing myself that I’m not insane.

      In Fear Infested Dreams.

      Inflicting pain made from a ghost.



      This is why I write.



      Perhaps to drown the loss.

      In the depths of sadistic curiosity.

      In the quietest of a calming wind.

      To give myself peace.



      This is why I write.



      The Inevitable Storm alwasys returns.

      To never silence the corruptted heart.

      This mortal flesh to never mend.

      To kill myself off for good.






      This Is Why I Write.

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      I write because I’d forget what I’m supposed to be shopping for otherwise

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