Thousands March in Berlin Against Coronavirus Plandemic Lockdown

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      Thousands March in Berlin Against Coronavirus Plandemic Lockdown

      And this is how Zionist press slanders the protesters:

      New York Times Slanders Berlin protesters

      Video from the protests showing the large number of participants. Probably in hundreds of thousands, not 17 thousand of the Jewish press tries to belittle them. The people are waking up. Critical mass is increasing. The enemy is scared:

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      And You Mark just helped them wake-up that much more people. Way ta go my good Brother. 🙂
      This is the exact reason why Hitler wanted the Filthy-Jews Out Of His Country &locked-up. Evil-Lies & Total Control.
      So way to go & kudos to our Good Christian-German Brothers & Sisters that are protesting on German streets.

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        Hamburger Bob

        Hopefully we can get some inside help at some point from a member of the big club or military.
        I mean I don’t think the whole military is on board with this agenda, maybe at some point there’ll be a major mutiny of some sorts and one of them pilots can do some good damage for us.

        Or a high ranking Official/General can order some critical hits that’ll seriously delay their plan.
        You know, like send a 2 ton bomb towards Bill Gates 2 million dollar yacht, with him on it of course, just an example.

        Wishful thinking, I know.
        I could be wrong, but I kinda get a sense that Trump isn’t all the way on board with this, but knows there’s nothing he can do about it.
        Maybe he does have some Christian in his heart after all, like some pastors believe.
        He knows the ones running this whole show are any thing but, so of course he’ll keep quite about that topic.

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          It is almost certain that those in power have taken advantage of Covid19 whether it is a deadly virus or not.

          Automation and ecommerce has taken over , and those in power no longer have any use for ninety to nine nine percent of us . Work in a bank,in retail,hospitality/food ,entertainment , manufacturing,call -service operators ,farmers,ranchers / graziers etc? You are fucked!

          Nobody is really immune ; even accountants ,lawyers ,science /research equip salespeople , musicians etc are also at risk as computers can now do this work to a good enough level -to mean they don’t need people to do the decisionmaking or explaining -so less people needed.

          Jobs still available will be in police ,army , construction , hairdressing ,beauty ,whores ,scientists/engineers etc where people contact/input is still a requirement but they still need much LESS of Them. Police /army will boom because having people doing nothing ,with no dignity and no money or prospects will lead to more crime and rebellion and possibly wars with others.

          I have read a lot of research , about the above, and it only works out well with those who are rich. If it is a real plague and many die off or even die off from poverty (from a Reset disguised as a Plandemic ) they are still fucked as there will be no no need for workers to do things (as automation takes the place of hands!) . Serfs ,or slaves, yes, but not for a worker. Do you think the rich will keep you around and feed,house and clothe you out of the kindness of their hearts? No way!

          The Blacks of America survived as America was growing ,becoming an industrial power and the times were achanging ,with democracy ,equal rights etc . All well before Martin Luther King etc I’m talking from 1860-1960s ! Workers provoded a suplus and the laws and custom said to at least feed the underclass etc

          This now is gone. The world does not need as many goods ,the producers don’t need as many people to make even the existing supply of goods/services, govs are now controlled ,undemocratic and abuse representative democratic parliamentary gov in our faces and the people are apathetic. Barring a revolution in America almost every one of us on BG – and our own- are fucked.

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          Wishful thinking for sure, in my opinion. Military are the sworn enemies of their own people and use their training and equipment against own countrymen first and foremost. Just as you never see a cop stand up to cops to protect the people, you never see a soldier stand up to the military to protect the people. Maybe in controlled, pre-determined fashion for PR, but not spontaneously.


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        Hey Guys/Gals,,,

        I also sent this message to Mark. But seeing how many of our Awesome Best-Gore Members Reside In Germany, i thought that it would not hurt to ask if any of you have herd anything about the Large Protest. And because Mark has become incredibly busy since this Dirty-Zionist-Jew-Pigs Fakedemic begun i was wondering if there are any of out there that have heard anything.

        And i mean from the (-Jew-Mainstream media) Also, as it would be nice to hear the truth Online,,, and then the Crock-O-Shit Jew-Owned Press. Any information related to/about the huge Protest in Germany. It would be cool to know if any,,, *Even One Person* has ended-up getting this Fake-Pandemic from this massive get together.

        Cause As you are well aware of, they could have quite easily have implanted under our small noses, a couple of *(Evil Jew-Agents of Satan)* to then say that they have Covid-19 from it???

        But then again this rally seamed to be so well organized seeing the size of it, that it seams that they had nothing leak-out about it’s date, and area. Now That Was Crazy-Mark. Imagine how long it would take to organize something so large and multiple thousands of people attending??

        Andre. 🙂

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      In my own opinion only we with The Full Armour Of God can put a complete stop to ALL of these False Flag Pandemic,,, Wars,, And Satan’s Evil Rule Over Our Beautiful Mother Earth. And the more we keep on spreading The Truth,,, The More *We Are* getting closer to changing our world for the better. 🙂

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      That Last video is incredible if you watch the whole 5 hours. It shows you the amount of Good Orthodox-Christians that took part in this (which i agree with you 100% Mark) that there was quite easily at least 100 Hundred Thousand + People that Attended This Protest.

      I Suggest that everybody check it out. Just mute it if you are not, or do not understand the German Language, and put on instead 5 hours of your favorite tunes while you watch these hundreds of thousand of people walk by, as it is crazy-Man, but in a good way Crazy! 🙂

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