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    Assumptions: I am given a residency and working green card?

    How much money will I need from salary and investments for me to live in America but not in a major or famous city. ie rural/seaside /lake America but with amenities ie cinema,supermarkets ,swimming pools,sportfields ,nightclubs ,bars etc

    How much would allow me to have a two-week holiday to any other relatively nice but rural sight? Ie Cascades,Yosemite,Crater Lake ,Mexican gulf and Atlantic include flights ,cars ,accommodation,food ,drinks ,tickets to tourist’s stuff.

    The money would need to be able to provide me with a decent rented house or apartment and a decent car and allow me to may be buy a new car every seven years and not scrimp and save to maintain it and run it .

    The money would need to allow me to buy a new wardrobe maybe every two years or so for going out to social events and work. Ie new suit every two /three years ,clothes of an above average dressed man not a local but not a Ponce either?

    I would maybe like to go out twice a week and eat or drink away from home, and obviously enough for me to buy or grow a variety of foods such as @illegalsmile55 or @lord-wankdust may or at least approaching it.

    Obviously , I am after serious thought- out replies in good faith but a few jokes thrown in are of course good too.

    What if I brought along a partner? How much more would we need?

    Obviously , I am not asking what you are on but I am after what Americans there think I would need to get the above? Is it doable or would I need to be a one percenter?

    How much do you need to be a one percenter anyway?

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    I’m confused Nem.. you say Green-card and later 2 weeks? Maybe you should be more clear between moving and holidays. If moving… how much money one must bring, until he get a job. Or how much one must earn… to live the american dream. I would ask you if you are willing to carry a gun… and be ready to pay for every single service available free for the masses in Europe. Are you ready to have to have a car… because there is no public transportation anywhere?!


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    Good points.


    One scenario. I stay for a year either always on holiday or part working ?

    Second scenario :I stay for five years or more as a working resident-card holder?
    Yes. I am happy to carry a gun. When in Rome do as the Roman’s do.
    Yes. I have heard you need private health and dental or you get it from your employer? What are my options?

    Yes,I would have a car as I expect to live away from the name cities and be close to second or third tier towns or cities where i would expect to drive.

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    I have to go to the U.S in late May or early June. Honestly I’m more concerned about U.S customs and immigration, I hear those fuckers look for any and every excuse to deny you entry.

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      Australia is not really on their watchlist from what I remember. So unless they can show you have been to the Middle East too often for what they cannot see as reasonable purposes or you have an observably Moslem surname etc you should be right .

      Criminal records will also be looked into but that is nothing new and has always been the case with many countries.

      Of course I am not an expert and the above is just from my experience.
      You may have to give iris and fingerprints? Ie biometrics? Are you happy to give the Yanks this info when Aus ,your own country does not make you do this? Food for thought?


      Please tell us all about it when you get back ie without giving away important detail of course. I love hearing other peoples’ travelogues.

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    i suppose this would depend on where you want to live in the u.s. i can’t answer in depth as i’ve always lived here, so i really have no clue on what it takes to come here from somewhere else. why in the heck would you want to live here though? especially if you live somewhere now where you’re living a nice life? interesting question though, i’m curious myself as to what it would take for someone to move here! following. 🙂

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      I don’t have many responsibilities any more and am now Middle Aged. So it is my second wind if you will. Lol

      I have been to The US but only for business not pleasure and I have read many books all my life re American National Parks etc and have some distant relatives there as well.

      So that is why I am thinking of coming over possibly for at least a year.

      I could also live in France , Canada ,Italy and Spain as well but the cold winters is what scares me away from Canada. I would probably get shitty once the romantic aspect wore off. We don’t get snow here in our big cities where ninety percent of us live !

      So my top choice US them France going down the list. I have lived in the UK and loved it but I have done that and want to try something else. Hahah

      I hope that helps a bit.


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