Traffic Stop Victim Outsmarts Cops by Running Away

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      This happened in Las Vegas. Guy takes off, incompetent female cop doesnn’t chase cause she can’t run, so she rips the girl who’s already handcuffed out of the cop car and pushes her onto the ground all while threatening her life with a weapon. A male cop gets in his truck and drives off. LOL. That’s Nevada Highway Patrol for you.

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      Now we know where half the quakes on the San andres fault come from.. Its not always an earthquake half the time it’s just this bitch trying to run!!!

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      Why did they yank the other perp from the police car and assault hum? To work out their stupidity and frustrations?

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        That’s my guess. She can’t simply stand there looking foolish having just been outrun. She needs to look busy in case the Sarge drives up.

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