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      Barry Halls

      There are two sexes….PERIOD! If you have man parts, you are a man! If you have female parts, you are a female!

      One or the other. I do not believe people who say they just have the wrong sexual organs. And this has NOTHING to do with being gay. If you are a man who is only interested on other men, so be it. You are still males. An vice versa for females.
      Chaz Bono is just sick in her head. (On top of being fat and ugly, too!)

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      The are two chromosomes – X and Y. Full stop. If I had a nickel for every gender, I would have 10 cents. But in Canada you could get arrested if you don’t recognize 80+ genders.

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        I stopped counting after male, female and homo.

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      Barry Halls

      Not unless lesbo=homo

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      Mr Spock

      What about hermaphrodites? They have both parts.

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        Empty soul

        Hermaphrodites are a genetic abnormality and does not negate the fact that there are two biological sexes anymore so than someone being born with an extra digit somehow negates the fact that we have ten fingers and toes as the norm.

        A facial tumour is also a genetic abnormality as well and yet people don’t go around claiming it to be the natural state of things, yet.

        As for this transgender stuff, I find it no different to any other body dysmorphic disorder out there. How is the anorexic person who believes that they are still grotesquely fat despite their protruding bones any different to a person who believes that they were born into the wrong body?.

        Most of this gender nonsense stuff though is just part social trend, part mass hysteria that has been taken on and passed around by the emotionally raw and most susceptible amongst us, namely the young and liberal. I expect it will go the way of flower power before long.

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          Barry Halls

          Hermaphrodites can go fuck themselves1

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      GDPR Harvester

      There is a new trend on the media where sex and gender are not the same thing. According to the new movement sex is physical and gender a mind (but also real) thing that runs in a spectrum. I don’t know much on the subject but then I found Bill Nye shitting on it and claiming he is backed by science it really pissed me off. There is very little science to confirm their claims. BTW… Chopped heads are a lot more pleasant than his new show so it follows some commentary about him:

      According to him I’m to be called cis-male, I say fuck that, this is a threat against children!

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      @masterplan @happy @dan-a-conda @mrspock @empty-soul

      Bill Nye the Science Guy or Bill Nye the Degeneracy Guy?

      He is a fucking sellout, that’s what he is. Another member of the Science Religion where they distort facts to fit the agenda promoted by (((them))) and anyone who disagrees is a fucking ignorant denier, because who in their right mind would try to debate “science” and “facts”. They rewrite history for decades and now some “scientists” are also trying to push fake science as the truth. The video below exemplifies it very nicely. A “scientist” giving platform for that (((Rachel Bloom))) to expose people to her filthy mind.

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      But at least Chad Bono doesn’t fake people by representing itself as male, without telling publicly that he changed sex.
      Not like 99% of those in Music, Movie, Porn and 100% of them in Fashion Industry. All Male To Female Transgenders.
      -I call them “Transgenders” because that is term for people who changed sex. They are not “Transgender Sex”, that’s BS.

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