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      True Face of Canada

      This exhibits the true face of Canada more than anything. I am glad I got out. They did get me before, but I am out and I will never ever go back.

      Basically, even if what you say is demonstrably and verifiably true, if someone doesn’t like it, by virtue of this supreme court ruling, it’s hate speech. And whereas there is no clear definition of hate speech (perhaps by design), persecution of hate speech is done subjectively – only charging and prosecuting at their convenience.

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      Empty soul

      Hate Speech is just a sub-category of Sedition. Subversion being the preferred choice of word by the Chinese and the Russians.

      It all amounts to the same thing though, obey the state, because nothing is more subversive than the truth in a time of lies.

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      The white person never will have hate speech laws written to protect them. Sad.

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