Trump Covid Infection Is As Real As His Making America Great Again

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      If you are a sheep worshiping Qanon and Trump, also known as the New World Order shill who yearns for a world government like Kyle Rittenhouse, the Proud Boys and other globalist shills, then you probably believe that Trump has the coronavirus. The rest of us are not easily fooled. 33 days before the election. Nothing to see here, folks:

      Trump Fake Coronavirus

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      White Dahlia

      That is really interesting- did you predict this?? is that your Twitter?
      When I heard that news this morning, I knew something was “wrong” about it, but didn’t know quite what it was. I came to the conclusion that he will soon be “just fine” and the intended message is “virus is not a big deal, see?”

      But I like this explanation much better.

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        Of course they’re gonna say the orange dude is doing very well while taking remdesivir because that’s the expensive shit the evils want people to take.

        Probably make him come out and say he was wrong for endorsing the cheaper and effective hydroxychloroquine.
        It’s so dumb and obvious to what they’re doing.

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      … Or he solved it by injecting himself with Bleach… ’cause that shit .

      Now on a serious note ,I also reckon it is bullshit so he gets all the airtime. Who with any power is going to call him out? Noone. The checks and balances of US society were eroded away by voodoo/crony capitalism a long time ago.

      Look who the Dems put up for Presidential nominee ,a nice guy ,washed-up
      Senile dumbcunt who is stained with corruption via Burisma. Who else? A blood- thirsty bitch Killary Who started wars so it looks good on her resume.
      First US Woman president my arse. That is so yesterday. Sri Lanka had a woman leader sixty fucken years ago! Israel fifty years ago . The Ionian Greek Queen Artemisia was queen 2500 years ago and personally commanded navies as well.

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      October 1st was the perfect date to announce that Madrid would be going back to full lockdown because of a fake second wave outbreak and also a good time for them to make the orange dude lie and say he has the coronavirus.
      You know, the first day of a new month, it was a full moon, and October really kicks off the Fall, I mean it just looks good on paper too (October 1st)..yep 😉

      I’m guessing on November 1st, no they already did Oct 1st, so…. November 15th actually sounds like a good date to set some more BS in motion.
      Can’t wait to hear what they lie about or say next.

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