Trump Hires Suspected Member of Epstein’s Ring and Israeli Prop Alan Dershowitz

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      Donald Trump hires Alan “I only got a massage from an old Russian lady at Epstein’s place” Dershowitz, the suspected member of Epstein’s pedo ring and accused pedophile, who defended and advised Jeffrey Epstein, acted as an advisor to OJ Simpson’s defense team, and joined Weistein’s defense team in 2018. Alan Dershowitz is also as up Israel’s ass as they get. I’m sure it;s just Trump playing 4D chess while draining the swamp, ain’t that right?


      Birds of a feather……

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      Alan Dershowitz self-admittedly met Jeffrey Epstein through his friend Lady Rothschild.

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      Dershowitz Defended These People

      But..but..but… Dear Leader Trump once banned Epstein from Mar A Lago. That’s your proof he is still draining the swamp, right? Bleeeet!

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      The Captain
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      From the unsealed Ghislaine Maxwell documents – lawyer of Dear Leader Trump Alan Dershowitz sexually abused children:

      Alan Dershowitz Is a Pedo

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        That ugly Jew is crying that all the victims are “anti-semites”. Great defense.

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          [sorry to go off topic, but there is widespread foul behaviour afoot on BG!!]


          Now then missy.
          You have been up to your old tricks again, eh? I have “[[** 1000% MEGA-PROOF **]]” that *YOU* have written to mark, and had all my goints vapourized!! 🙂
          All those gionts that i earned by telling people ultimate truths, and convincing 100s not to kill themselves..*GONE*! Do *YOU* not realize that i am a disciple of truth, appointed by god himself??!!
          I curse you, and your forked tongue!!
          So, you got what you wanted…you [happy] now? 😉

          • This reply was modified 2 months, 3 weeks ago by karmen40. Reason: Forgot to at the "mega" between '1000%' and "PROOF". So, if my maths is correct missy - that equals **1000,000% PROOF!!**
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          …and yet he hasn’t had a word of complaint???? The Great Equalizer ,you see. We are now all reduced and thus punished as well…

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          Well… you really expected any different?
          Im sure you remember, During the grand “David Bowie and ziggy pop and the spiders from mars” debate over who wrote “a girl like you”?
          I challenged our “great and loyal BG brother and friend” over the accusations he made to Lisa about writing to mark to have his friends reduced to 9 of thousand or whatever!
          Of course it was brushed off at first – and we [I] was accused of being a liar for stating it!
          That is, until i produced a screen shot of his accusations to Lisa… then out “1000% mega-truthful” friend took the route of deleting his comments, therefore DELETEING ALL EVIDENCE, of the song arguement, and of my mentioning and posting proof [screenshot] of his accusations to her….as they were replies to the comments he deleted, so Unfortunately, all my evidence was deleted too.
          “Always 100000% truthful”, “always apologises when making mistakes”, admits when he is wrong”, etc etc.
          What a crock of shite
          SO, as my proof of the truth regarding this was “spirited away”… to ensure [he thought] that his lies wouldnt be exposed…. and considering our “good BG brother and friend” CANNOT delete THIS thread… i will post my screenshot of his accusations against her [ @illegalsmile55 ] again;
[email protected]/4m5t61

          My last address in this comment is to Mark, @happy , seeing as he is the author of this forum.
          You and I have had minimal, but NEVER conflicting converstations on BG over the last ten years.
          I respect the friends i have made here, and am VERY frustrated when serious, unsubstantiated claims are made against them.
          Now you, @happy have always struck me as a man of truth.
          So in this vein… could you PLEASE verify OR deny that @illegalsmile55 contacted you, and arranged with you to have @thedre s frienships reduced to from thousand?

          You answer of “yes” or “No” will clear the name of a valued and respected member.
          Im sure you would agree, that lies of such magnitude about a fellow member are WELL out of order.
          I respectfully await your reply @happy .

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          Haha. I can feel a storm coming on…


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          I’ll have to get me brolly out!

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        I fucken knew it! In my bones! I’v e been watching this case closely. First we heard Dershowitz ‘s name dropped. Then he was helping out in Epstein’s cases, Then he wanted to keep certain files from being unsealed due to a third party case ,then he wanted files having to do with him kept sealed and now the pussy is out of the bag!

        Strangely, I saw an episode of Special Victim’s Unit which i hate ,but one night decided to watch. The case was about ,you guessed it College /Uni professor of law? /lit? arrested for dating and hanging out with underage girls and he looked like Dershowitz. The episode could be two or three years old, yet even so i believe the Hollywood world of course knew about him amd ALL the rest that have never been named to us plebs. So they release all the crap as a fictional device!

        I think it was called A “Roman a’ clef” novel in fiction books once upon a time.

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