Trump to Sign EO to Remove Federal Funding from Universities that Allow BDS

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      Jewish wet dream Donald Trump will sign an executive order that would remove federal funding from universities that allow BDS and anti Israel speech.

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      @crybaby Well of course he did, after all, he is the chosen one.

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        “I was put here by people to do a great job, and that’s what I’m doing.”


        “I was put here by Jews to do a great job for them, and that’s what I’m doing.”

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          Any kind of Anti-Israel comments now, will land you in prison. (or worse)

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        Typical Yank President talking tough. Free markets/neo -liberal economic policies are great as is democracy and globalisation as long as Uncle Sam takes the lion’s share. If not, then we need trade wars and POTUS is The Chosen One.

        It won’t be long ,a break is coming soon amongst Natoist Powers, as they have finally seen the chains their Master had put the vassals in ie Nordstream pipelines and punishing Germany/Eu.

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      On December 11, 2019, Donald Trump, the most anti-American president of America signed an executive order to restrict and in many situations even to cancel the right to free speech which is enumerated in the First Amendment to the Constitution of The United States of America.

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      Jewish son-in-law and advisor to Donald Trump – Jared Kushner: “Anti-Zionism is Anti-Semitism.”


      Just a reminded – after Josef Stalin, whose birthname was Dzugashvilli, meaning Son-of-a-Jew, because he was Jewish, banned anti-semitism in the Soviet Republic and made anti-semitism punishable by death, it resulted in the deaths of about 145 Million people, mostly Slavic Christians and the destruction of Christian churches across Russia.

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        All you say was true yet I wish to add some colour. Stalin never felt Jewish himself ,his family was Christian as far as memory serves and was studying to be a deacon? Lenin had Jewish blood in living memory ,Stalin didn’t. Putin to this day has Jewish blood as does Poroshenko ,EX Pm Cameron , Merkel ,Ex PM Fraser and Keys of Aust and NZ respect tively,Murdoch and Princess Kate etc etc The list goes on and on.

        He also had many trials and executions of Jews and also made a big deal of their Jewishness. He also had at least one Jewish daughter-in-law who I believe was captured by the Nazis ,as was at least one son.

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      What a patsie for the Zios! Who knows what blackmail they have on the dunce and pervert apart from his dad being half -Jewish?

      I hope Americans who see all things rosy take note of this. They can call their own country crap and do all types of things but can never say a bad thing about Israel. Heed your Masters!

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      Life under Israel’s wet dream Donald Trump:

      Legal vs Illegal under Donald Trump

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      For the celebration of Hanukkah, poster boy for Israel and the Rothschilds Donald Trump posted a tweet celebrating his signing on December 11th of an executive order which bans any and all criticism of Jews on college campuses or lose federal funding.

      The Trump’s EO uses the “working definition of Anti-Semitism” laid out by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), which says such things as that it is anti-Semitic to blame the Jews for killing Jesus, which means that reading from the New Testament, or maybe even owning a Bible will now be illegal on campus.

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