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      I decided to create a Trump sidebar, if you will, so we will not continue hijacking threads and my apologies to those posters. I just included anyone I could recall making a Trump comment – good, bad or indifferent – and included you here. If I looked over someone or misspelled a username, sorry for that.

      I’m hitting three separate topics in one post and you can speak up about all or each or whatnot.

      Trump Victory: I saw right away shock, not just from some of you guys, but the American public and even myself, sitting in bed going “Holy shit!”
      I think the number 1 thing people bring up quite a bit is that he’s a nut and a loose cannon and he’s going to be hitting the “red button” that starts WW3. I think his loose cannon attitude might be his greatest strength. When everybody was too afraid to say that Islam as a whole is a danger, he did – just gave no fucks and said Islam is trouble. That echoes what most Americans are really thinking. I like that he says what he thinks. Other politicians think it but are so concerned with PC America, they are afraid to talk. Talk!
      As far as nukes etc, a President is basically a figurehead. Congress is who decides what happens. A huge undertaking like that would have to be discussed and re-discussed. When W wanted to bomb Iraq in 2001; it took 2 years for the go-ahead. So don’t be afraid Trump will start a war. Most of his platform is based on what’s happening in the States.

      Riots: The BLM guys, the feminists, the assorted SJWs did a fine job of driving home the point that they don’t need to have a stronghold in Washington. Most people voted for Trump as an anti-Clinton vote. We’re tired of the demands from “special” groups – demands that go beyond basic rights. We’re tired of them tearing up cities when they don’t get their way. And they just proved why we are sick of them by once again tearing up their own cities. And it is mostly blacks who get the violence going and everyone joins in. People may fear Trump but currently, living in a super pro-Trump, whitey area makes me feel safe.

      New Jew stars/safety pins: This may not interest all but I know there is a pretty large number of BG members who have issues with Jews. I couldn’t help but notice that SJWs have kind of “marked” themselves with safety pins somewhat like Jews and their yellow stars (among a few other designs) in WW2. Just an observation. Thoughts?

      Quite a long post and apologies but I wanted to cover everything at once. Hopefully, if you’re interested, we can have our Trump discussions and cat fights here lol, rather than the comments section. -DBP

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      Look at his speech at AIPAC, he’s surrounded by jews, his daughter is married to one. I saw an interview he gave to Brazilian TV and up on his wall there was something like a plaque with hebrew inscriptions on it. I agree with you that he may start wars, but these would be to benefit the Zios. As to have issues with them, look at my country Brazil. After the coup which deposed Dilma they put an Israeli born jew as head of the central bank. Moreover, our new president is an American informant, there are leaked documents of meetings he had at the American embassy, and guess what, he’s a mason. Now, I saw a video on the internet in which there was a meeting at a lodge, in which the wife of my state’s (Sao Paulo) governor was in (the governor is a supporter of the coup), and they had the head of the Israelite Federation of the State of Sao Paulo on the major table, by the side of the master mason. Plus, the Israelite flag was right beside the Brazilian one on the background, while my state’s flag was by the side. The symbolism goes to show, for them, Israel is as important as Brazil. For what I’ve seen, it’s no different in the US. Going back to Trump, I’ve seen many contradictons with him, now I don’t now exactly how obamacare works, although I’ve made some research, but it seems that after his meeting with Obama he really took a step back on it (or at least faltered in his speech, how’s that for a strong man). There was the meeting with the Mexican president that time in which he didn’t tell him they were gonna have to pay for the wall. So, anyway, I think you shouldn’t be much too hopeful. As to the protesters, well, It seems to me is they are trying (media) to deepen divisions along racial and ideological lines.

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        Just to clarify, I have nothing against all the jews, albeit they are a group of people and tend, as any group of people, to have their characteristics (good and bad). It’s zionists who are what worry me, and albeit I don’t know the proportions (it can even be a majority) of jews who are zios, I doubt all of them are.

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        I completely forgot to address the “great wall” lol. I never took that seriously and somewhere mid-campaign the issue was dropped. I don’t think anyone is expecting a physical wall at this point. I think that was a Trump shock tactic. I’ll never say he isn’t out to shock people and be a polarizing figure.
        As far as Zionists, every US President will align with them. And other nation’s leaders. They will keep those ties. I feel it is unescapable. I am glad you pointed that out. My comment regarding the safety pins reminding of the Jew stars wasn’t so much an actual comment about Jews but that the anti-Trump people have marked themselves and may become a victim of harassment or violence much like WW2 Jews. So far, the trouble has come from the anti-Trump camp but I won’t say pro-Trump people might start violence as well in a street riot etc.
        On the Trump-Obama meeting, I’m glad it went smoothly and could be beneficial for Trump as far as his temperament.

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      Thank you dear for the invite. First time using the forums.

      First priorities I like for President Trump within the first year is

      A. Arrest Soros and Hillary
      B. Unseal all of Obaghead records.

      C. Mass deportations of illegals and send all the Bagheads back t their shitholes or just nuke it.

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        @darkflare, You get straight to business, sir. lol A. is a possibility. I’m not sure about B and I can guarantee C won’t happen for a long time, if ever. Congress, my friend. They are a slow-moving machine. And I can imagine mass riots should the government try to deport illegals. People act like it’s cruel to deport illegals but it is the law. Why is that law fine to ignore? If you are in the US illegally, you know it’s a gamble. A gamble the first week and 20 years later. It’s still illegal despite the roots put down. It’s sad but I feel necessary to close all immigration NOW and try to sort through who’s already here.

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      I think you Trump voters have been had. But unfortunately, as was the case with Obama sheeple, it will take 4 years to finally get it.

      What you can expect during Trump the Israel Firster is increased military and government spending, the predicted increase in revenue will never happen, no prosecution of buddies Soros or Clinton, protection of his pedophile friends and pedophile interests, significant increase of non white immigration, strong anti-male pro-feminazi handling of all legal and state issues, major, like you’ve never seen ever before, Israel ass kissing and sacrificing everyone and everything America has for the sake of the Jew, and a general continuation of establishment pro Zionist politics.

      If the elections were real, the true people’s candidate – Ron Paul – would have long been the president. As one of only miserably few non-corrupt politicians in the entire US government, if Trump doesn’t put him in his cabinet, that should be sign enough for everyone that he’s dirty.

      Because the system is rigged, TPTB put Trump in office in order to make the system not look rigged. The same situation existed after Bush 8 years ago, and Obama was touted as a “change candidate”. Nothing really changed. This time the “change candidate” was on the right side, and the sheeple swallowed it whole.

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        Acneska, That may all come to… But in the mean time I am very excited to see where Trump will take America in the next four years provided that he isn’t assassinated before. Also, Why aren’t you posting any more on BG is only one author allowed to post at a time?

        Dethbyplaster – I like to get down, it’s why I voted for Trump, He may or may not make America great but he is a step up by far than voting for Hillary. Yes, I’d still like to see all those things happen, Soros arrested with Hillary, and Obaghead and it equally treasonous administration in a deep underground prison never to see daylight again.

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          @darkflare I’m taking a bit of time off 🙂

          Bank stocks have rallied an incredible 10% since the election. Wall Street loves Trump. There are rumors that such handlers as Newt Gingrich (Bohemian Club), Rudy Giuliani and Chris Christie will be in Trumps cabinet. I’ve also heard that Trump’s treasury pick is going to be Steven Mnuchin, 17-year veteran of Goldman Sachs. It was the crux of his argument that Hillary was controlled by Goldman…… Although CNBC reported that Trump is thinking about selecting CEO and Chairman of the Board of JP Morgan, Jamie Dimon, to be his treasury secretary.

          Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein was interviewed by CNBC and praised Donald Trump, saying “The possibilities are terrific!

          Trump also picked John Paulson for his economic team. Paulson made hundreds of millions in the ABC scam during the mortgage backed securities bubble, when him and Goldman Sachs sold millions of dollars worth of junk mortgage securities to unwitting investors and then bet that those securities would become worthless. Given their foreknowledge and manipulation of the markets, this is exactly what happened.

          But Rudy Giuliani for Attorney General? WTF? Giuliani was deeply involved in the orchestration of 9/11 and the end of civil liberties.

          I’m fully expecting Trump to begin slowly disappointing people the exact same way Obama was 8 years ago.

          Trump is Not Anti Establishment

          Keep in mind that if voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let people do it.

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          A simple comment as to the US being a democracy, or a republican democracy, why do you have only 2 parties controlling the political system, more options would mean more visions and opinions could be expressed (I know there are libertarians but they are not a real force for the time being, and seem to be more controlled opposition), if not for president, at least for the Houses, and it would make it more difficult, albeit not impossible, for a group to control politics, although I must say that, nevertheless, big money can advertise more.

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          Sorry to refer to you as American, I know you are from Eastern Europe

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        Empty soul


        You are right that a vote for Trump is a vote for the status quo, equally though so is voting for Hillary therefore choice never actually existed from a governmental point of view as both candidates serve the same master.

        I suspect then that Trump was chosen because of how it would affect the economy. If you look at the rise of China you can see that it was the lower value of the Yuan compared to the USD that attracted western investment towards China and away from the US in the first place, this being the case a Trump victory can be used to level the economic playing ground thus slowing the rise of the emerging economies by not fuelling their growth in the first place via the boosting of US based investment, slanted global trade and by placing restrictions on foreign assets entering the US Market.

        In the above, the markets would take a short-term hit however overtime the rich would become richer and the USA would become globally competitive once more.

        Now none of the above is ever going to trickle down to us lowly peasants so we of course, on paper, gain nothing. I say on paper because I do believe we did gain something with this Trump victory, we stopped the rise of the liberal left political ideology and empowered those on the right.

        Right now those on the left are losing their shit and crying themselves to sleep. The SJWs are in panic attack mode and the celebrities are in melt-down mode whilst the niggers are burning their neighbourhoods down in anger. it‘s been fucking glorious and I haven’t stopped laughing yet.

        The left have been made to look like fools and everybody is laughing at them now and no longer fears them so in social,political terms they have lost a lot of influence and power with this defeat.

        If nothing else we have gained an important cultural victory here because we have shown the politically correct, SJW feminist left that we outnumber them and that we will challenge and fight them at every turn and this of course will now empower more people to embrace their hatred of the neo-liberal left.

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          The US dollar is world’s reserve currency for no reason, since after the Nixon shock it’s been unpegged from gold. As de Gaulle pointed out, for the rest of the world a dollar costs a dollar in goods and services, whereas to the US it only costs a few cents to print one. Countries have realized it and have been trying to bypass the dollar. Sadam started selling oil for Euros, quite successfully. Gaddafi wanted to introduce the gold Dina and sell oil for gold. And now Iran has set up an exchange in which it accepts other currencies. The Bricks set up the Bricks Banks and the Yuan is gaining recognition. What I am trying to arrive at is that if China can not retaliate in any way to protectionist American policies by intensifying bilateral agreements to bypass the dollar, with Russia for instance or by any other means. Moreover you may argue that certain products, shoes for instance, produced in the US would not be competitive outside the country due to high labour costs etc (although I know you were talking about the US internal market above).

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          There is no denying though that the US is a global powerhouse and a very rich country. It has been predicted time and time again that the dollar will fall. It hasn’t yet. Half of a country’s stock market is based on blind faith with no real tangible backup. Try to convince an American the economy will crash. Their stubbornness alone acts as a guarantee that the USD will continue to have value. The very ignorance and confidence of proud Americans lol fuels the nation’s “wealth.”

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          @empty-soul interesting point with good merit

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        I think you underestimated American voters. I supposed that on TV, waving flags that the messiah has come, we look stupid. However, most of us are not out acting like our prayers have been answered.
        We’ve not “been had.” We know being had is part of the deal and always has been. We don’t believe every campaign promise will come true and never had. Congress is where it all goes down. Even if Trump tried diligently to follow through, Congress would block every way possible. This election made a statement. That is it’s primary function. The statement was heard loud and clear and while special interest groups may have years ahead of them gaining ground, now they know that the average American is sick of their shit and their little pedestal will fall. I find that worth a Trump victory.

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      Death Pod

      Aside from defeating Hillary (and by extension the half-black messiah’s insane, fanatical base), I don’t expect a whole lot of what I would deem good to come from Trump.
      He hit a lot of great bullet points in his proposed plan but I’m afraid it was all either a clever ruse or he is actually scared shitless due to winning and doesn’t have a clue about what he should do. He never seemed fully confident in his campaign nor did he ever seem to take it seriously. I should add that someone should take his goddamn phone away from him and close his fucking Twitter account. Engaging the protesters via Twitter and continuing his (perceived) whiny claims of unfairness is just pathetic. Dude, you won! Start acting presidential post haste. I won’t say he’s thin skinned but he just can’t resist a social media war. As much as I hate Obama, I have to hand it to him, he doesn’t get rattled easily and he is completely unfazed by critics or insults. Too my point though, I know politicians always shit on each other during debates and campaings and then after the elections say “I was just kidding. Come on and be my Secretary of State” but to refer to Hillary as Crooked Hillary and say she’d be in jail if he were president and then become president elect and say we “owe her a tremendous debt for her service” and then go to the oval office and kiss Obama’s ass afterward, what the fuck? He ain’t gonna do shit. He’s already sold out and hasn’t even taken office. The best we can hope for is tax reform and a repeal of Obamacare. Hell, even Mitch McConnell has already said they’re not going to support him. Now, that being said, @empty soul, I agree with you 100%. The Trump victory represents a pushback against the SJW’s, BLM, limousine liberals, and celebrity scumbags. I am sick of these losers telling us how to think and live. Anyone who disagrees with them is either an uneducated hick or Hitler. There’s a short video made by that incestuous, child molesting sow, Lena Dunham, titled “The Extinction of the White Male.” In it, she and her father gleefully advocate the extinction of white males, nay, STRAIGHT white males. Advocating the extinction of a group of people, sound familiar?

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        @deathpod As I said before, Americans really never get duped because when has a President ever kept their word? I think the Trump vote was a message and if that’s all it is, it was worth it to send that message. Hillary would’ve reinforced that everything is just fine while non special-interest groups get angrier and angrier in silence. I don’t fear a Trump reign but I don’t expect miracles.
        And the meltdowns from the left and celebs as you mentioned make the point exactly. My personal statement to all special interest groups (gay, trans, black, feminists, BLM and assorted SJWs) : “We’ve accepted you. But we will NOT accommodate you.”

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      Death Pod

      Plaster, I meant to say that you’re entirely correct about the losers rioting and thus proving themselves to be baseless degenerates. I wasn’t aware of the safety pin thing but that is so appropriate for those whiny little bitches. Now that I know about it, I can more readily identify my enemies. I read an article that listed a bunch of tweets from celebs who were boo-hooing and insisting the sky was falling. Anyway, one of the best ones was from the red headed flamer on Modern Family. I’m paraphrasing, “Tonight I mourn for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims, and the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I’m going to wake up ready to fight.” Obviously, this twerp doesn’t know what a real fight is bUT he’s right. They will only rally and amass more SJW’s. We haven’t won anything yet. They should only consider themselves lucky that we aren’t as hateful and violent as they make out.

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