Trump Will Counter Publicity Stunt About Pulling Troops from Syria w Falsle Flag

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      The most subservient to the Jew president in history of the USA has made a publicity stunt about wanting to remove US troops from Syria.

      I’m calling it now – the publicity stunt will be followed with a false flag attack so Trump looks like a champ in the eyes of the sheeple, but the Greater Israel enforcers will stay in occupied Syria, assisting the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS).

      The false flag could be a Mossad executed attack on the US target blamed on the IS, or they stage another chemical attack and Assad will be framed for “gassing his own people again” .. just as the war is ending.

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      Yep all true. Seems I am your most vocal supporter Crybaby. I don’t think anyone else responds to your posts at all!

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        It’s my soap box. I’m glad somebody’s reading. Hihi

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          I always read your forums. I’m usually in agreement with you, and when I’m not, it’s more of a doubt about the subject, not necessarily a straight up disagreement. Like with Epstein; I think you may be right about him, but someone could’ve killed him, we’ll probably never know…I surely don’t know.

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          I’m sure lots of people are reading. I particularly enjoy your posts, but I tend to not say much if I don’t have additional information to offer. Since I’m already here though, I’ll say that I very much agree with you on this. You seem very perceptive.

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      Donald Trump orders more troops, fighter jets to Saudi Arabia to counter Iran. This will make over 17,000 troops deployed to the Middle East just since May. He is pulling troops out of Syria, but shipping in a bunch more. I think we can put all the drivel at rallies about stopping our endless wars firmly into the “politician bullshit” category:

      Donald Trump’s anti-war rhetoric is all a lie meant to trick sheeple into thinking he is against conflict, when it’s really the opposite. His actions speak to Israel. His words to the sheeple.

      Waiting for the pre-planned line crossing so Trump can go in balls deep. Notice the areas Turkey is setting up in is by Iran.

      Those Saudi (Jewish) orbs aren’t gonna suck themselves….

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        It is over . There will be one or two Last Hoorahs with the US just as there was with Britain but Uncle Sam is dying. It has been eclipsed by China etc .

        So the only ones the US can push around are its allies and that will change within five to ten years with Germany either being allied with Russia or a EU being quasi-neutral/independent.

        A hot war could certainly break out but it is unlikely between major powers . The US Navy would be torched and no marines could get to any other country apart from the Americas. Game over.

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      Donald Trump is expanding on wars in Middle East like there’s no tomorrow. He has no plans to end wars. Instead, sends more troops to join the already present 60k. Trump is Kosher approved:

      All a publicity stunt. There’s more troops deployed to the Middle East right now than there were when Trump was sworn in. Troops moved out of Syria were relocated to Iraq, near the border with Iran. They were not sent home. Wake up, sheeple.

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      I Agree 100% and i am positive that it will come from The White-Helmet-Cunts staging another Fake Chemical-Attack!

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