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    TSA - For Your Protection

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    They took my laptop at Charlotte during secondary inspection; I had an expired drivers license (only valid if Active duty) I had 200+ movies, all 6 seasons of GoT and a video of a “escort” I paid $250 to bang after being deployed on a boat for 7 months. I was already so afraid of missing my flight to Portland, and hurrying to put everything back in my seabag that I didn’t realize they never gave my laptop back. So I called Charlotte and talked to the TSA lost and found and they head not catalogued anything that had fit the bill for me. Fuck TSA I still haven’t been able to afford to replace that .

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      did escort know you taped sex and how many times did you get to play it back before they stole it?

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        Haha Despy, I got to fly off the boat early and the video was made the first night I got back so I took a couple clips and pictures and sent them on facebook to buddies still on the boat. Still have those and tried to upload to the fapping corner but couldn’t figure it out. I had the whole video back for about a month though while I was waiting to leave virginia. And it was being recorded on my laptop and the screen was not on, but stuff was still lit up. There was a moment when she was bent over facing the laptop and she looked pissed but she never said anything about it.

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    Oh man, I would lose all my precious porn if that happened to my laptop.

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