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      Ok maybe just one..I told her I would pick up the tab

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      What did you do, steal someone’s membership card? I’m calling the cops Missy.

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        No it was my card. Not credit card but it entitles me to 5cents off a gallon of gas at Speedway 😀

        Poor Carl..He was a good sport. He came back and discreetly told me my card was declined LOL!

        I told my sister I would pay for dinner. It was great deal listen to what you get for $44.50!

        *2 choice of appetizers or salad
        *2 entrees
        *1 dessert (I told her we would have to scooch real close and share fork 😆 )
        *2 more entrees to take home!

        What fucked it up was the drinks. Paid just as much for those as the food. Strongest matgaritas of my life. Poor Carl

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