Tyrant with History of Abuses Assaults Driver for Not Giving Turn Signal

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      The tyrant remains employed by the department.

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      Akbar Shabaz

      What a POS , thanks for the share. A man was just killed here in the US from excessive force, idk if it was excessive or not cause I didn’t watch the unedited security footage cause I have yet to find it, but the cop put his knee on the perps neck and ended up killing the guy, and its the classic unarmed black man killed scenario too so now the whole Minneapolis is paying for it with riots and destruction . Shame.

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      Akbar Shabaz

      here’s the video of the public execution of the guy in Minneapolis

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        Good share @akbarshabaz

        It proves all the well established facts:

        1. no good cops exist, they are an urban myth
        2. cops enjoy and utterly savor every opportunity to execute citizens
        3. cops know they get away with murder and don’t give a shit if they are being recorded
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          Akbar Shabaz

          Sad but true, all 3 of those facts. I would like to believe there are good cops, but I am reminded almost daily the exact opposite.. also thanks to @protocolsofzion , a forum topic he started is how I discovered that channel.

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      Minneapolis Citizen Killers

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      Dopey -looking fucks and it is Scraping the barrel it seems. All retards or fiends in the police force. Did they man the force with The Dirty Dozen rejects?

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