UCLA Study: 3.6 Million American Men Raped by Women

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      Due to the societal misandry, the definition of rape, as well as the enforcement of rape accusations are heavily skewed in favor of women.

      The UCLA Study used FBI stats and the National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey (NISVS) data for its research. Said stats and data are based on the assumption that a man can only be raped by a female if she penetrates his anus, but doesn’t include force to penetrate or forced envelopment. On the other hand, when it comes to women, then everything, including coercion, pressure and other social aspects expand the definition of rape, but exclusively for female victims at the hands of men only.

      Teach women not to rape!

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      Yuck, fucking weirdos

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      Lord Wankdust

      I was once in the company of a couple of lesbians in a pub in Northern Ireland. I knew I hadn’t a hope of fucking either of them. But they kindly introduced me to their friend. Their friend was a bit of a swamp donkey, but I had beer spectacles on and they transformed her into a bit of a swamp donkey sex goddess. One thing led to another and before I knew what was happening I was back at the donkey’s stable. She made me a beef salad sandwich (a real sandwich not a metaphor for anything) and then she got undressed. I felt a little awkward, though grateful for the food and thoughtfully let her give me a blowjob when I’d finished eating. I was ready to shiver my timbers when she stopped working my jizz-caber and then she straddled my face. I struggled a bit but escape was fruitless. Her manky, stinking swamp-donkey muff was like a butcher’s dustbin, I gagged a few times but she simply ground her clunge into my face even harder. I felt awful afterwards and wasn’t myself for days.
      Coercion, social pressure, inducement (the partial BJ which she didn’t finish), bribery (the sandwich)… sometimes it is only through the distance of Time that you can look back and see something for what it actually was. However because she didn’t penetrate my anus it doesn’t count as rape.

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        Is it kinda wierd that im looking for wankdusts posts daily?

        You should illustrate these stories chap, Id like to see what a swamp donkey looks like, how she keeps her stable.

        funny fucker you!

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          Watch it dude, I’ve peed on his leg and marked him as my territory. 😉
          Hahaha…I get it, I’ve been following him around for awhile. I’m sure we’re not the only ones.

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          GDPR Harvester

          Of course you’re not 🙂

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        @Lord Wankdust.
        Always have a token black guy with you when drinking will be involved. A chicken wing man if you will.
        A similar incident happened to my good friend Shrek. “No means no, donkey!” he cried. “Get outta my swamp, donkey!”

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          Lord Wankdust


          This was in the late 1980’s in Northern Ireland which was lagging behind a little in the evolutionary curve. Black People hadn’t been invented there yet let alone chicken wings. The lesbians pretended to be sisters when they went out together and because no-one in Northern Ireland actually believed lesbians existed outside the pages of books, they wouldn’t have been noticed anyway.
          America did have black people at that time, which shows that she was ahead of Northern Ireland’s curve. But the US was teaching that Noah rescued all the animals and that the Earth was 4,000 years old so maybe neither location would have been ideal.
          If I was going out now to be in the proximity of a Swamp Donkey, I would definitely try to take along another guy (a black guy would do fine) to absorb most of the minge battering and cock-rape. I could sneak out the toilet window after the food but before the spunk, shit and minge-sap was flying everywhere.

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      Lord Wankdust


      This might help.


      There is a drop down menu on the right hand side which will supply additional data to help an inquiring mind like your own.

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