UN Data Shows US Military Kills More Civilians Than All Terrorists Combined

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      Thank you for your service!

      Under Dear Leader Trump, US mercenaries and their sidekicks killed more civilians in Afghanistan, than all groups labeled as “terrorists” combined. KNow the real terrorists. Recognize them as such, and act accordingly.

      Note that US terrorists haven’t accomplished anything in the region, and Afghanistan as the country is worse off than before the invasion. US military is known for being the most incompetent military in the world for a reason. In the last 6 decades or so, they have lost pretty much every conflict they got involved in. It’s an ultimate offense to oneself to be part of the US military. Needless to say, because they could never take on any even mildly trained armed force, they abuse civilians and rape pre-teen boys.

      Source: https://unama.unmissions.org/sites/default/files/unama_protection_of_civilians_in_armed_conflict_-_first_quarter_report_2019_english.pdf

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      All I wish to add is that there is a theory that the US knows it will fuck up every country it touches and never win the war. The theory is that it does not care because its aim is not to ever better a country but simply to sow chaos everywhere .

      It does this for two reasons. The First is to keep its allies and other non-peers below it economically and politically . Like Attila the Hun ,the US hungers to “it is not enough for me to succeed ….everyone else must FAIL”.

      Witness the US striving to choke off Germany’s Nordstream fuel gas pipeline from Russia and wanting Russia to buy fuel from America at double to triple the cost.! Witness ,America forcing small -time English nations like Canada and Australia to not buy Huawei 5G and almost the UK ! The UK has now said fuck off to America in a small part so both The UK and Germany are pushing back realising that America wishes to choke their further economic growth . It seems the dumb fucks finally worked out that globalism does not lift all boats but that it needs to sink some boats in order for others to float after all!

      The second reason is to run a” burnt country “campaign to make it unviable for any peer enemy to want to take an interest in these allies or non-peers.

      Of course ,we are talking about decisions made at very high levels ie The Deep State. The average US citizen ,soldier and even most Generals are not aware of this and would argue till blue in the face that this is not so. They are however not party to such decisions and are only given enough info to lead them to where the Deep State wants them to go.

      Witness the change in Us public sentiment after years of a major incident. The US citizen always reaches a similar decision to other publics that had the info and said it all along!

      Many famous geopolitical ,”Real Politik” political specialists have mentioned this including safe US Establishment- types like Mearsheimer.

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      Its just a repeat of history. The globalists invest in industry, in this case war and its spin-offs,they have been doing it forever through, Arms sales, logistics, and everything you can imagine. It is what fuels the economy of the U.S.. relying on partners to flourish just so they could be the highest card in the deck. Finally it seems the U.S. is not going to hold all the cards anymore.
      The casino is being thrown out if they do not fold.
      W.W.W.III, coming to theater near you soon!

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      GDPR Harvester

      I get shit all the time from people because I show no respect to the military at all. Then I get shit when they start the “They died so you can be free” bullshit that usually follows and I tell them politely that no one in the military died for me as I wasn’t there. Anything that has taken place in my lifetime wasn’t for me either because I never asked anyone to be stupid enough to go over the top and get their fucking head blown off. And then, of course, it goes back to Hitler and what it would have been like under German rule. Well, who knows? It might well have been a damned sight better than what I have now. At least we wouldn’t be getting raped by the Jews.

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