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    Hi, welcome to the health and beauty board. Today’s discussion will be about the unibrow.

    A unibrow (or jacco brow or monobrow; called synophrys in medicine) is a single eyebrow created.

    The first known use of the word unibrow was in 1988.

    Culture and beauty

    A unibrow is considered as a sign of beauty in Arab culture. Its popularity causes women to draw a black line joining the brows as a part of their routine makeup to fake a unibrow. A study found the prevalence of synophrys to be at 11.87% in the Omani population.

    In Tajikistan, a unibrow is viewed as an attractive quality in both men and women. For women, it is associated with virginity and purity and, in men, virility. If there is no unibrow present, or if it is weak, it is commonplace for women to use a kohl liner or a modern kajal pen to simulate a unibrow.

    The unibrow has largely been seen as undesirable in the United States and United Kingdom, with the hairs often plucked, shaved or waxed away.

    ^from wikipedia

    Wow unibrows are really interesting. I read that formation of one is because of a recessive gene and connected to numerous disorders of the body and mind.

    So, do you get unibrow? Do you not get unibrow? Are the BG gents gay enough to pluck? Are the BG females manly enough to sport unibrow?

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    Jesus loves the little children
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    thats fantastic

    thank yew

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      Look what the cat drug in! Hey! Welcome back. πŸ˜€

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    That’s interesting! I myself am not attracted to the unibrow, it cracks me up. I’m always amazed how we humans have different ideas of beauty. I met a German gal when I was about 19, she didn’t shave her armpits and I found that revolting, as did a lot of my guy friends. A few of the guys said she was good looking, but the pit hair turned them off. When they got drunk, I’m sure that dissipated. πŸ˜› Just like cleanly shaved crotches, when I was young, you only saw that in nasty smut rags. Now it’s completely commonplace, but it still looks weird to me…on both sexes. *shrugs*

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    Haha. Funny @illegalsmile55.

    I don’t know what happened guys. I wrote a post for here a week ago that i thought was hilarious but obviously i logged out or pressed delete or some bullshit. Anyway. Look up qajari princess Persia 13 people suicide and get a look at her. She had a monibrow and was considered the epitome of beauty at the time in their country. Hahah

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      Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. She was the very definition of FUGLY!

      Personally, I have never been attracted to the guys all my girlfriends thought were hot, not that I didn’t think they were cute…just not for me. I like the quirky looking guys, who are different looking, they usually have a great sense of humor! Personality has always been the biggest attraction for me, always. A unibrow would not be A turn on. πŸ˜€


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        Have you ever heard of “junk history memes’ ???
        Someone creates them & a few other pranksters repost them around, & soon it goes viral and the slowitted believe it to be true facts 1000% proof that it MUST BE REAL !!!
        SIMILAR to dre flat earth BS.

        Any hOO*
        TRY to use BING or any other search engine & NOT’ JEWGLE* & u can avoid falling for crap stories like 13 lovers committed suicide over a ‘FAT’ FUGLY* ARAB COW* THAT WAS LIKELY IN AN ARRANGED MARRIAGE BY THE AGE OF 8-9-10* & NEVER EVER HAD ANY SUITORS AT ALL???
        some of the story about a very light wispy moustashe* however are certainly truthful & I agree with UK & us opinions, UniBrow is NOT attractive at all !!!

        Hey maybe you can goo* gull*
        This 1# ,…. ST. Ni-Og*
        Apparently this dud St. Ni* lived in a small fiefdom* or tiny prefectorate* type state somewhere east of the valley of ‘Og’* & he loved to watch young maidens slowly undress while dancing in front of his big brother while he *Flogged* himself & he was maybe the first known INCEL?? But most believe he just liked to masterBate* while dreaming of “hot nubile little girls” (possibly a paedO fantasies)

        *Flog St.Ni Og*
        Maybe @illegalsmile55
        Has once heard of this backwards* phenomena*

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        @hopingfornemesis ^^^^^^^^
        Dropped an e & added an I
        In previous tag* nombre*

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      I’m not so much bothered by her unibrow but the tache really makes me gag!

      I actually got burned right between my eyebrows back when I was a teenager so I don’t grow hair there anymore! It was unsightly at the time but what a benefit in the long run!

      Eyebrows are a curious fashion trend. For a while there, it got so trendy to have thick, bushy brows that I was concerned that the unibrow was going to come into style and then what would I have done with the barren wasteland between my eyes, looking at all the other girls with their eyebrows fluttering in the breeze?

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        I agree about the ‘stache. They’re for the gays and cops.
        About your barren wasteland…a piece of the fuzzy side of a Velcro strip can be glued between your eyes.
        Or, if you want to get a good laugh, glue a patch of 3″ (?cm) pubic hair between your eyes and go to work as if nothing is different.

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        Fake it ’til you make it, eh? I dunno mate, would I wanna be just another one of those poser girls desperately pretending to be more hairy than they are? I might just take advantage by using your fake eyebrows idea and starting a business. And I shall call it…. Hairease: The Easy Way to The Neanderthal Brow of Your Dreams!

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        Pfff. I guess if you want to walk around with two separate and symmetrical eyebrows looking all pretty and shit.
        Let’s combine “Hairease” with “Bro-Brow”.

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      You seem hopeless to me nems,
      I have zero interest in Persia
      You claim to have had knowledge of the junk history, yet encouraged others to search those fake parts of the story , which is like trying to put out a fire by adding more fuel ??? Why ??
      If you’re truly interested in the truth & need further investigation it makes zero sense to promote the false * , sounds like doublespeak to me.
      Have a nice day
      It just reminded me of a story about a hungry snake who bit his own tail and started to swallow & even after realizing he fucked up, he couldn’t admit it so he just kept on eating himself**
      Truly counterproductive ?? NO ???

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    Try not to take it personal nessie
    Everyone seems to fall for a few interwebz traps crappola caca from time to time
    Myself included !!
    Amen ! CuZ*
    Concentrate on ” Wine Wimmen & SONG”

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      I am well aware of the junk meme associated with it @boasp. I have read a page on it purporting to debunk the story.

      Unfortunately , it is too close to call. There were princesses of the Qajars and robust women were considered the epitome of beauty in these countries at the time.

      You will notice i said websearch these terms and nowhere said i was sure it was true. More investigation is needed and my aim was more to have people laugh which is why i put in haha.

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      I agree about the Wine, Wimmens and Song. A better code for life i could not recommend. The second is bound to fail you at some time but never the other two!

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    Damb otter erect *
    S”PosE to say Nemsie, knOt nessie*

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    Yeah yeah , get a much bigger blanket to cover that ASS*

    THOSE Princesses were all raised in their fathers harems = no suitors not even 1* !!
    If that’s not eminently clear to anyone familiar with HIS’TORY !!WOWSerr* nemsie’
    IT’S an obvious “clickbait for cucks* & you claimed to have typed a long comment on the crap, but it somehow flew away into thin air, similar to a flying carpet * THE 1 Item that could be proven was her thin wispy moustache!! (Photographs)
    But, but,butt* a week ago you wrote something hilarious, but somehow you logged out, or pressed delete. Or “some bullshit” , a week ago I read another comment from someone who said the same exact phrase
    Their comment looked so fucked up & their EXCUSE was “bullshit timer didn’t give me time to edit”
    What ?? 4 minutes is enough time to rewrite a whole ‘new’ comment
    So you’ve had 10 days to do more diligent “research” as “needed” ??
    WTF ? at least @thedre sometimes’ admits a “few” of his mistakes,but NOT U!! just lame, blame games on “bullshit” timers, log outs, or other “bullshit”
    Why ?? And furthermore that Arab Cow was really fkn “FUGGLY ” by any standards, even for goat shaggin Camel humping slaves that lived in that damn desert!!! , I’m betting if they had internet back then you would have no shame in asking for nude pic’s, of her and her many sisters !!
    And if the Shah caught you peeping into a tent,… one swift blow from A Scimitar would have put a quick & relatively painless end to YOUR BULLSHIT *!!!!! BUTT ,BUTT BUTTON
    YOU REALLY shOuld offer your assistance to some world “intelligence services”
    ‘Sic em” sherlock”*

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      You are mistaken as always friend. I type on an android tab about six inch in size and do it live ,not in word and then cut and paste. My keyboarding is not the best and yes mr smartass ,posts do disappear if you log them through vpn or tor because it is so slow at connecting etc.

      As for fat asses, I don’t care what you say and i reckon your knowledge of world history is paltry.Fat asses and monobrows and such ugly women were considered attractive at the time as they were in Victoruan England and in tge time of Rubens. As for suitors ,they would have been nobles not commoners . Furthermore ,the Persian royalty at the time was progressive NOT conservative so photography amongst the elite would have been prevalent.

      As for me never admitting I am wrong you are mistaken. I admitted I was wrong only days ago when @alois told me more about marx and his non -womanising. In fact, many times in posts , I have let people know and thank them for teaching me new things.

      I can’t remember what other crap you wrote here because i stopped reading. Once again you went into a drunken,drugged or insane crapola spin of nonsense words blaha blah blah.

      I don’t like you . You have two traits i do not like in a person. One, you jump to conclusions and two you like looking down your nose suoeciliously at peiple that you think are less clever than you. Problem is you are usually wrong and i have caught you out .

      You don’t like me ,I don’t like you and never the twain shall meet. We will never have a beer together .

      Kindly play with andre whom you have refriended and keep your nose out of my affairs.

      I don’t need you to tell me about Persian history because i would run rings around you.If you had done it politely i would have gladly discussed the finer points with you as i discuss such things with other intelligent polite individuals here.

      I also see you still have a boner for me as you dredge up things i have said. What exactly do you dislike about me and the intelligence service i mentioned?


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      Still bitching about me and the nude pics Ha? Not had a root in an long time, maybe ha? You must hate the fact I am a hedonist and am confident in my sexuality hah? Repressed Quiet Westerm type ha? Yeh . I saw “”American Beauty”.
      I know all about quiet Western types like you.

      What is it you don’t like Cowboy? The fact that I asked for tge nude pics or the fact that the girls generally gave them? Get the fuck out of here .

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