Ursula Haverbeck resists thought police, rejects sentence

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      GDPR Harvester

      According to Brietbart News, Ursula Haverbeck has put up the proverbial “fuck you” finger and took off before reporting for her unjust prison sentence.

      She’s fucking 90 years old and the German government violates her rights and dignity by prosecuting and sentencing her under a fake “incitement” law.

      Unknown where she may be. My hunch is either Austria or Poland. Most likely Poland because they recently passed legislation saying no one can bully us over the holocaust anymore. Israel and international Jewish diaspora don’t like that.

      One nice tidbit according to the article is that as she was sentenced in the courtroom, she “denied” (demonstrated critical thinking ability) the holocaust in front of the judge, resulting in another “conviction”.

      Way to be badass and tell them to fuck off!

      Any updates are appreciated.

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      Balls on that woman are incredible. Unfortunately, Deutsche Welle is reporting she was arrested. Free everyone from Jewish tyranny!

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      GDPR Harvester

      Just the fact that there are legitimate laws that prevent you from using one of your elementary freedoms, the freedom of speech it thought provoking. Holocaust, 6 million dead jews, the winners write history.
      Just look at the concentration camp Majdanek, a hoax even the jews admit is a hoax, but are you able to say its a hoax? NOPE!
      OBJECTIVE TRUTH has been manipulated by the course of history, facts don’t care about your feelings.
      I’m not saying no jews died at the holocaust, even if it were only a hundred jews it is still a crime, however the numbers have been manipulated to a ridiculous point.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      I heard that this case set a precedent for thought crime in England. Verdict was a few weeks ago, 3/4? Or maybe it’s a psy-op?

      p.s. funny how the vids url ends in MAM.

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      Road Pavement

      Reminds me of the thought police here in america

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      Oy vey, I can’t understand how you antisemites can defend that evil woman! She defied the orthodox narrative of The Holocaust™, which is etched in stone and protected by law in about 20 countries. Can you guys possibly think of a greater crime against humanity? I certainly can’t, that woman is an extremist!

      Don’t get fooled by her looks, goyim, that 89-years-old grandma wants to commit another Shoah and wipe the Jews off the face of Earth. And she certainly would if the police hadn’t stop her.

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