US Army Hates American People As Much As Trump, Which Is Why He Supports Them

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      US Army Hates American People As Much As Trump, Which Is Why He Supports Them

      Nice mockery of all things American to tweet this at 9:11.

      As has been documented extensively on the pages of Best Gore, the US Army are the sworn enemies of the American people and hate them with a passion. They use their military training and equipment to terrorize their own people and use them as guinea pigs for evil experiments.

      To scratch the surface:

      • the Bonus Army incident
      • the Black Wall Street incident
      • Operation Big Buzz (they air dropped 300,000 of the aedis aegypti mosquito that is a vector for Dengue, Chikagungya, Yellow Fever, Zika and West Nile Virus to “see how they survive and feed on humans” on U.S. soil in Georgia)
      • In 1950 the Navy sprayed the entire city of San Francisco with an aerosol spray containing several microbes from 43 locations
      • Between January and March of 1953, US Army sprayed onto US citizens in St-Louis and Corpus Christi radioactive chemicals in an event dubbed the Manhattan-Rochester Coalition
      • In 1957 and 1958, US Army sprayed radioactive zinc cadmium sulfide and Bacillus globigii germ agents over Minnesota and South Dakota in Operation Large Area Coverage
      • In 1965 the Army released a bacteria at Washington’s Greyhound bus terminal and National Airport
      • Training of ISIS terrorists in Jordan under codename Timber Sycamore
      • It just goes on…

      Oh yeah, the US army hates the American people, which is why so many retired soldiers go to join the police to keep brutalizing and extra-judicially executing their own people. And so does Donald Trump, which is why he brags about spending 2 Trillion dollars on the people who hate the Americans, but countless schools in the US are falling apart and teachers are being laid off because schools can’t afford to pay them.

      And the NPCs be like:

      Listen here you cowardly unpatriotic liberal hippy snowflake commie socialist democrats. Our great and Dear Leader President Donald Trump has seen fit to bless America’s glorious job creating billionaires with a massive tax cut that has created millions of great paying jobs. He has shown cunning and prowess in ridding the world of a super scary ninja assassin illegal immigrant terrorist mastermind. His infinite wisdom has graced our wonderful military industrial complex with near unlimited funds to keep America safe from dark evil Satanic forces that wish to enslave our children and murder the elderly. Only through our unwavering support of massive donations can we ensure America’s God anointed future Emperor will remain to protect freedom, democracy and the American dream, and goyim dying for Yinon Oden’s machinations!

      Cui bono?

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      The above tweet is full of shit. Iraqi “Iranian” units already rocketted US -bases in Iraq and killed three troops and the US was able to do nothing.

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      @fred1212…Texas was mentioned.

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      Kent State Massacre

      Today is the 50th anniversary of the Kent State massacre. Ohio National Guard shot students at Kent State University during an anti-war demonstration against the bombing in neutral Cambodia, killing four students and injuring nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.

      Never forget what your own soldiers will do if they disagree with you.

      Tin soldiers and Nixon coming,
      We’re finally on our own.
      This summer I hear the drumming,
      Four dead in Ohio.
      Gotta get down to it
      Soldiers are cutting us down
      Should have been done long ago.
      What if you knew her
      And found her dead on the ground
      How can you run when you know?

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        Johnny Blade

        How is that one filthy hippy lady still alive with that javelin stuck in her head? Also, I love that song – because I’m mass gay.

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      In the 1970s, Eugene, Oregon got blasted with 500,000 watts of pulsed radio waves by the US Navy base in Dixon, California. The residents “complained of headaches, fatigue, inability to sleep, reddening of the skin, anxiety, ‘clicks’ in the head and a ‘buzz’ harmonizing with a high-pitched wail.

      This tells a story about our government […], actually attacking and beaming radiation into citizens from remote locations with incredible accuracy […], enough to hit a single individual, inducing illnesses and mental effects to cripple and debilitate, being tested on citizens around the world. No longer can anyone claim this is not reality, possible, and highly scientific.

      Eugene Register Guard Article

      Eugene Register Guard Article

      Eugene Register Guard Article

      Eugene Register Guard Article

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        Nothing to worry about folks. “Nothing too exotic and much ado about nothing” .what’s the problem ,Joe Public ,why the worry? We know how these waves fry your face so why get anxious?
        Sheesh ,some people really can’t cope with the unknown…

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      National Guard in Minneapolis

      National Guard has been deployed in Minneapolis. All soldiers have tactical equipment and automatic weapons, and are using tear gas against the citizens as we speak. They are the sworn enemies of the American people and always seek to use their training and equipment to oppress them. This is their opportunity so they are creaming their pants.

      And of course, Dear Leader Trump is wetting his pants that he may get to impose martial law and slowly make it the norm through the states, and outlaw all protests and demonstrations.

      Dear Leader Trump Hates Americans

      Note how Dear Leader is not sending the guards to protect the citizens and their interest, but to oppress the citizens and spit on their interest so they don’t become a threat to the oppressors.

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      Donald Trump Hates Americans

      Dear Leader Trump confirms – the military is with the ruling class and against the plebs. Agent provocateurs are in place to manufacture an excuse for sworn enemies of the American people to shoot the American citizens.

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      Sworn enemies of the American people deployed humvees with CROWS o be used against the citizens:


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      Know Your Enemy

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      Know your enemy!

      Know Your Enemy

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      Iraqi War Criminals

      These people are now the police or national guard. Know your enemy!

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      Leaked document exposes concentration camps operated by the military is the U.S. for own citizens. Know your enemy!

      The document:

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      Trump sheep went all in on him. He just did the usual shtick of tax cuts for the rich, worshiping Israel and they’ve got nothing from him. Since they’ve basically alienated themselves from sensible people, they need to cling to the Q fantasy and pretend that actually he is doing stuff for them it’s just all behind the scenes and shadowy. Too hard and too late to admit they got played.

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      Portland protesters report severe and lasting side effects from the chemical weapons ordered by Dear Leader Trump to be used on the American citizens, and merily used by the sworn enemies in “Operation Diligent Valor.


      LOL @ the use of buzzwords like Operation Diligent Valor.

      Tear gas is banned in war but dictators use it to attack the civilians in their own countries.


      The health effects of hexachloroethane include nausea, vomiting, central nervous system depression, and kidney and liver damage, according to the compound’s material safety data sheet. … The toxic compound also causes fever, chest pain, and liver damage and is associated with anorexia, fatigue, and weight loss.

      The HC smoke bomb, which was developed in the 1930s to disperse people and conceal actions on the battlefield, is particularly dangerous to health and the environment. The Military-Style Maximum Smoke HC grenade from Defense Technology is “very toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects” and is “suspected of causing cancer,” according to the grenade’s safety data sheet. Environmental effects of the smoke bombs include defoliation of trees and a long-term reduction in their growth.


      A 1994 report of the U.S. Army Biomedical Research and Development Laboratory notes, “Exposure of unprotected soldiers to high concentrations of HC smoke for even a few minutes has resulted in injuries and fatalities.”

      NPCs get semis from the idea of causing mass suffering to fellow countrymen for not supporting the Dear Leader. It’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. The fools will be the most surprised when the State turns their violence on them.

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      I Cannot believe that that stupid-cunt tweeted that at precisely 9/11 Like What In The Actual Fuck Is That Man?? 🙁
      When will The Good & Extremely Well Armed American People Fucking Wake-Up and Fight These Bastards Head-On?? Like What Will It Take??? 🙁

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