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      Hello. I am a student at a disclosed college that is looking to interview no more than three users/members on this site for a sociology class I am currently enrolled in. I’m hoping to receive answers on how the release of gory videos on a site like this shapes your view of the world. (For example, the censorship of death in media results in cowardice, etc. etc.) Differing opinions are not only appreciated, but are encouraged.
      I need no real identities, and no personal information is required. This will be used purely for academic purposes. I selected a gore website such as this for the sole reason that I knew it had a strong following, and figured I could find someone willing to help me.

      Anyone interested can send me a message or comment on this forum.

      Thanks for your time and patience.

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      Bob billy

      Well,I personally use bestgore to remind me how dangerous the world really is. It encourages me to be careful in life ,and not do stupid shit that could end my life gruesomely. Yeah that’s it i guess. I hope for you the best in your college

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      If interested, answer the following questions.

      What is your age? Gender? Nationality? Race? (Or any other data you’d feel comfortable with giving. Personal data goes a long way to tell a sociologist what the world thinks of what they’re researching.)

      How do you feel the exposure to gore and death, or in general has shaped your worldview or identity?

      Do you feel has had a positive or negative influence on your perspective and in society?

      Are there any other additional comments you would like to add?

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      Pérez Soriano

      I’m 17.
      Female and Mexican.
      This shows me the true reality and admire gore.
      This website helps me gain guts. Like I want the 3rd world blood inside of me.

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      Connor McgreGORE

      Hi I’m 40 from England and this site really does look and make you open your eyes to what is really going on in this world you would have otherwise had no idea of. Iv been visiting this site for about 5 years maybe more but only just made an account so I can comment as the comments are fascinating to me how others react to the things we see on here. I must say some things were hard to watch at first and after watching the chainsaw beheading and hearing the guy who got the knife struggle for breath in an agonising way it had an effect on me. I could never have the sound on after that but I am now fully desensitized I think as I can watch anything now. Hope this helps you with your study. Interesting assignment by the way 😊

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      Hi, I’m female, 37, Australian of mixed heritage.
      Sites like this show me the reality of the world we live in and the traumas we all go through. I like the difference in the way different countries treat their dead, some leave them in the open for all to see, like its an every day occurrence. Others cover the bodies, as if to shield on lookers from trauma and keep the dignity of the deceased.
      I have always found humanity to be cruel and cold, often brutal. I have always had a strong interest in the medical and scientific sides of death, including the stages pre and post death. Maybe somewhere it helps me deal with my own mortality on a scientific basis, or maybe I just like looking at things others find gross.
      I have no desire to injure or hurt and I do enjoy the shock value of some photos/videos, much like the rush that comes from watching a horror movie. Other times I see things and ponder what the fuck is wrong with people that they do such things.
      Hope that helps?

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      Male, 28, Canadian

      I enjoy watching.

      it’s just something… detached, from what we are use to in mainstream media. everything in my country is mostly pg13 and I felt that it wasn’t real enough. too much hand holding and censorship from the public.

      After I found this place that emptyness was filled. I felt more receptive to what real people are capable of. respect of others grew. fear of others faded. strength in myself flourished.

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      Hi, go fuck yourself. 🙂

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      18 somewhere in America, and ill let u geuss whatever race I am, but I come here when I’m bored to pass the time, first came here continuously when crazyshit wasn’t putting out crazyshit anymore lol, and after ive seen 1 lunatic 1 icepick and didn’t know wtf else could top that. Other than that I guess u could say I kinda get excited to see gore videos sometimes, most of the shit here doesn’t bother me, fuck in general I’m desensitized.

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