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      there is not ONE shred of physical evidence available that can point to the absurd claim That Nazi Germany used mass gassings on work camp inmates anywhere during WW2. the key word is “mass”
      True a few unlucky individuals were at the receiving end of CO poisoning from trucks that were fitted with exhausts emptying into their seating area. But this was done more for experimentation rather than assembly line liquidation

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        The thing that convinced me that the Holocaust was bullshit was when they tried to say that something like 1.25 million bodies were burnt at Auschwitz over a couple of years. Yeah, sure….Auschwitz had 3 ovens; do the maths yourself.

        I don’t say there were NO Jews murdered during the war, just that the scale they mention is utterly ridiculous and I’ll never believe it. Were there camps the Allies liberated? Sure. Did they find dead people and mass graves? Probably. Did it total 6 million? Like fuck did it! The account of the holocaust is as true as the account of the Twin Towers and WTC7 coming down because of damage caused by two missil….er….I mean planes hitting them.

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          Well said. I believe your take which matches mine is the closest to the truth. Either way it was a failure. The Holocaust of the Christians in the Near East began First and is still ongoing and there are precious few Christians left there ,whereas Jews in Europe abound again. In addition,the Nazis were formally punished …the Mahometans never were and still aren’t.

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      Auschwitz: The Surprising Hidden Truth — go to HolocaustHandbooks.com and download for free you will see a great many more impossibilities than just the said method of cremating bodies.

      It used to be on youtube of course but they were all taken down by the world terrorist Zuckerberg, the bin Laden of our age

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