Video Debunking Disinfo Against Protesters perpetrated by Cops and Bootlickers

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      Documentary debunking the disinformation campaign against protesters perpetrated by the Seattle Police Department, Mayor Durkan and the hoards of bootlickers throughout June, 2020. It is not a complete list of police abuses during that time, but it illustrates how TPTB have exploited the media and bootlickers, misrepresented the movement, and deceived the people of Seattle.

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      Empty soul

      This video contains two lots of lies and propaganda though, Mark. The one from the police and the one from the loony left.

      The police have indeed been shooting random protesters in the face with tear gas and rubber bullets however it is also a fact that a number of the protesters have been burning and looting and getting up to all sorts of shit as well, rape murder etc.

      The BLM protesters were doing the exact same thing over here in England too. Black supremacist types and white libtards/Antifa joining forces to attack statues and white people in general etc.

      This is not just all agent provocateur stuff. There really is an anti-white cultural movement being acted out by real people right now. Were they originally brainwashed by the state into being this way?. It is very likely, yes. The state has been pushing anti-white stuff for years now after all. However it is still real people and not undercover agents in general who are acting this out.

      The movement has not been misrepresented then. The BLM’s own mission statement on its own website and on its printed documents clearly states that they are an anti-white activist group whose goal it is to remove white people from positions of power within their own countries. Our universities are full of this shit and there are numerous speeches from the students and teachers of these universities talking about these things with pride.

      To conclude. Hating the police is fine and most of us do hate them but don’t let yourself get tricked into supporting the very people who would put you in a Gulag for being straight white and male just because you both share an hatred of the police.

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        I never once said that I support, nor have I ever supported the BLM (or similar) movement. I support sanity, and sanity clearly shows that “the only thing worse than a nigger state, is a police state“. You can search that phrase on BG to see for how long have I been consistently stating that. This goes waaaaay back.

        I know how well divide and conquer works, so supporting any “side” that is routinely exploited for that very purpose is not what I easily fall for.

        I also don’t hate police. I expose them for the enemies of the people that they are, and there’s a hella difference between the two. I expose evil doers and so long as the police continue acting as the enemies of the people at the behest of TPTB, I will keep exposing them. The moment they stop, I will have nothing to expose them for, which in turn won’t mean I love police. Consequently, how much who or what of so called “hatred” gets at Best Gore is directly proportional to how big a piece of shit they are.

        So to get back to over a decade of exposing why the only thing worse than a nigger state is a police state – the latter is the enabler and enforcer of the former, which is why the former can even be considered a problem in the first place. It is the tool used by the police state to gradually turn the whole world into what they achieved in the Palestine. And it is not niggers who will bring about and maintain it.


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          Empty soul


          I was not having a go at you Mark. I just took slight objection to the phrasing that their movement was being misrepresented which in my opinion it is not and is in fact exactly what it appears to be, an anti-white hate campaign.

          The way I see it there are two enemies of the people in these current protests, the police/government and the anti-white campaigners. Am I against police brutality?. Absolutely yes. Am I against the state trampling peoples liberties?. 100% Yes. However I am also against any group that would harm and overthrow me and my race from my own indigenous lands be it the Jews or the BLM/libtard Antifa lot.

          “The object of life is not to be on the side of the majority, but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane“

          -Marcus Aurelius

          I will therefore stand in solidarity with these protesters against any police brutality but that’s where it ends. I utterly despise these insane bastards though and the divide and conquer tactics are being done by them not us. They are the ones calling all straight white males evil. The feminism, the black power shit, the attacking of white history and culture that is all 100% them. They are the ones acting all this divisive nonsense out and making enemies of everyone.

          The divide and conquer will stop when they stop doing it. We working class whites have done nothing divisive to them at all yet.

          I am sorry then if it seemed like I was attacking you. I am just a bit touchy when it comes to these protesters and their ‘movement’. I will try to control myself a bit better in future.

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          Just as I have been consistent in exposing the police state, I have been equally consistent in exposing the many anti-white movements (as well as anti-male, anti-Christian, anti-straight and basically anything anti-sane), a bunch of them really sneaky, including the antifa fags and any kind of liberal movement.

          As said in my earlier reply – I expose evil doers without subscribing to any side blatantly used in divide and conquer. But of two evils involved in the ongoing manufactured crisis, the police state is worse and not just for the obvious reasons.

          The cops are the guardians and enforcers of all the anti-sane movements. So any kind of support for police, is literally support for BLM. The charade involving reverse psychology is easy to see through if one wills to open his eyes.

          “They” couldn’t care less about the blacks. The blacks are disposable to them, just as much as the rest of us are. But they need the cops to keep all of us, regardless of our skin color, in line and crushed, disheartened, defeated and in fear so we don’t become a threat. They have the power, but we have the numbers and they know it. But as long as there are enough bootlickers among us, our numbers won’t pose a threat for we’ll have the enemy within and won’t make progress against the real enemy until the enemy within is eliminated.

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      February in Seattle.



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