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      It’s really frustrating when some of my favorite videos don’t fucking work… why is it that the vast majority of videos spanning from this year to years prior won’t play, are no longer availible, or don’t have a link entirely? Some work. The new ones work. I’m sorry, but I just wanna watch that dude get his head smashed with a boulder, or see an innocent person get beaten to death by police. I understand that shit gets deleted or is under some form of infringement, but c’mon…its like every. single. fucking. post.

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      Dead nigger storage

      doesnt anything play? the stupid play icon just spins and spins. and do vids only stay going for a limited time then no more? its hit and miss with this site. wtf

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      It’s been that way for a week or maybe three right after the post dude taking time off for uis daughter.

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Viewing 3 reply threads
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