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      Google Blocks Access to Our Videos

      If you are a bleating good goy and use Google Chrome like all other braindead members of the herd, you are likely having problems with viewing the videos on Best Gore. That’s because Google doesn’t want you to see them and restricts access to the videos.

      Google Chrome is “closed source“, meaning its source code is encrypted so there is no knowing what exactly it does, on top of what it appears to do.

      In contrast, open source browsers, like Tor or Firefox have their source code available for audit by anyone, so if there was something fishy going on behind the scenes, the people would find out very quickly.

      Don’t be a sheep. Protect yourself, use open source software, and you be the one who chooses what content you see, not Google.

      For more information on Tor and why I recommend to use it for all your internet browsing:

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