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      I seem to be having an issue with both Edge and Chrome, the videos will play for a second or two, then spend a minute loading, then another second or two, a minute loading, it takes FOREVER to load a video, then I scroll it back to the start to watch it in its entirety. Is anybody else experiencing this, is there a way to fix it??

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      Have You tried installing The TOR Browser brother? It tends to be a little slower than your conventional Jewgle Chrome, but it is a safer alternative, for sure. I find that it was also too slow for my licking to i just said Fuck-It and went back to using Jewgle Chrome anyways, as it seems to be quite safe here in Canada, as the traffic is much lower than in the U.S. and this might be why i have not encountered any problems with it so far. And i never had a security breach, or problem for the last year, or so, since i started using it.

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        To confirm. You have not had problems with security since using Chrome or you did nit have problems with security since chrome?

        I think you meant since chrome but want to make sure.
        I have had breaches since using Tor.

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          I have Been Having Zero Problems With Jewgle Chrome Whatsoever since using them, on and off for about 1 1/2 to 2 years, on, and off, whenever TOR-BROWSER Was acting-up. And even a couple of days ago, i was chatting with Mark about TOR Freezing my comments-up, and not being able to do fuck-all, not even cancel it. And that was after cleaning my hard drive, ( de-fragmentation), installing the latest TOR UPDATED VERSION, AND ALSO DOING THE SAME WITH FIREFOX. So fuck-it, i’m sticking with Chrome from now on, as i even got some weird virus awhile back, that my father in law had to get off my laptop. Why Bud re you also having TOR issues???

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          Yes i was as it switched off modems, routers,froze pages etc. I still use it but i am wary! Remember iwas locked out of
          Bestgore comments mysteriously etc.

          Nothing is secure dammit except pen and paper! Best method ever!

          That suicide blonde is lovely like you say.
          How long has she been here? She has never commented as far as i can see? Anyone spoken to her? Is she a lady or a man? Who knows. Definitely attractive though.


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      Hey Drew, no I haven’t tried TOR on this PC yet, or since the video program changed. I’ll give it a run, cheers.

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      I have been having this issue lately too. I am using Firefox and never had any problems until a week ago. Any advice would be appreciated.

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      My problems had started back again, albeit much less frequently. But still, I bypass enough vids for it to be annoying, a new problem, some vids, usually bitchute only display at around 1″ by 3/4″ and zooming in the page will not rectify the problem. Any help please.

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        Sometimes it plays fine, when it doesn’t, I can come back a few minutes later and it plays, or not. 😀 90% of the time it plays. I have zero clue why.

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          I sometimes do this too @illegalsmile55 @cantfakethefunonanastydrunk but what works better for me now, is clicking on the bit chute name itself on the top left hand side of the video screen and it sends me on Bit-Chute’s very own site. I Have joined this site, and can now watch all video’s directly from the source itself. And if i actually log-in to the site, it works even better. Give-er a try guys/gals.

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      Virgin Vomit

      The video of the mexican cartel dismembering the guy took days to load. Literally.

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