Vote for Trump Is Still Vote for Evil

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      Vote for Trump Is Still Vote for Evil

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      Killary will lead the Jewnited States into ww3 with all her Israhellish policies, better go with Trump atleast he gonna change the economy as he got billions to lose if the dollar collapse.

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      I have to agree with @acneska on the fact that any elected official in the upcoming American Presidential Elections, will end up feeding us ALL from behind. In the now deleted (by You-Tube) video, of Trump Kissing Zionist-Ass, you can clearly see that he also plays both sides of the game, when it suits him, and his Business Interests. No matter who wins, i cannot see any major changes taking place involving their economic situation, as there is absolutely no way out, but a total economic collapse. This should have happened in 2008, but because of the Jew-Zionist threat of imposed Marshal-Law, because if Big Banks declared bankruptcy,the ensuing unrest, and the total rising up of the general public, with massive protests, and the like, would have been unavoidable. But that,s how these lunatics roll. They threaten total chaos, if the government does not bail them out. Once the bailout is complete, these cockroaches fire up the printing press, and The Federal Reserve, prints Billions, upon Billions of more worthless, “not gold backed” currency. No wonder Gaddafi wanted to stop taking the Americans shit currency, but start accepting gold dinars as payment instead, for all their future oil sales. So they killed him. Same story for Saddam,,, dead! All western-Zionist ass kissing governments have, Rigged Elections.

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      Aegrescit medendo

      You will only ever get evils is not the conclusion it is the premise. Trump brings only one thing to the table and it is the most important thing in light of the most likely outcomes we currently face: He is not Hillary.

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      Vote for either Trump or Clinton and America will get the same result. The same organisations will still be controlling the country but a new face will be out in front.

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      I don’t think that either candidate will change much as President is just a figurehead anymore. But I think Hillary wields more power within the system to do something crazy. Trump probably wont rock the boat that much.

      I’m still voting for Trump even though he’s sucks in the debating arena and doesn’t have much class. At least we agree on most things though. And I admire his willingness to say “inappropriate” things.

      I don’t think of it as the lesser of two evils – but the one who can do the least amount of damage.

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      I can’t stand Donald Trump but, I will not vote for Hillary because she coddles the negroes too much.

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