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      Voted for Trump? Say Good Bye to Internet Privacy

      US senators voted to in the bill that allows your ISP to sell your personal information to private companies. Crypto Jew Trump, who’s for mass surveillance, torture, and a total police state, totally approves. If it’s good for Israel, it’s good for Trump.

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      Empty soul


      Out of curiosity, do you believe that Hilary would have been the better choice?

      The voters were presented with two choices, Trump or Clinton. Clinton promised to continue the same and Trump promised a difference. Those sick of the same old same old voted Trump then out of desperation more than anything else because the status quo was ruining them.

      The fact that more people voted for Trump than Hilary only serves to prove that the status quo excludes the majority for the benefit of the few because otherwise it would have been a Clinton victory.

      If Trump is therefore just another fake added to the political mix is not the problem the system itself rather than the individual?

      My opinion and therefore conclusion then is that attacking Trump is akin to attacking the people who personally voted for him(I.e, the political right wingers) which means, by default, unless you are attacking the system itself your allegiances will be seen to lie with the political left(

      Perhaps then your argument would be better served if the system itself rather than the individual were to be questioned and therefore focused on and addressed?.

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      @empty-soul Trump and Hillary are on the same team. They are one and the same, working for the same people. The political theater you see on TV is just that. Once they’re done hoodwinking the public, they go off the scene and laugh at the herd of sheeple falling for their fake rivalry.

      I believe (s)electing Trump was the best trick Soros and Rotshchild corp could have pulled off. America was on the brink of revolution, but they totally hoodwinked the masses with the Dear Leader and now the establishment s supported by hoards of brainwashed sheeple who worship Trump as the second coming of Christ.

      In conclusion – it would really make no difference who’d get the office – Hillary or Trump, as both are anti people, and pro Israel and establishment. But giving Trump the office was a very smart move on their behalf, because it tricked the sheeple and killed the awareness that was brewing in the people’s minds. Consequently, whereas before Trump the world had an establishment problem, with Trump it has an establishment supported by the most zombified sheeple ever problem.

      Trump, Hillary and Bill

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        Empty soul


        I get what you are saying in that they tricked the voting masses into believing that they got their saviour when in fact they voted for much the same because their political propensities were seen well in advance and therefore pre-empted, hence Trump.

        It still seems to me though, considering the mentality of the average voter, that attacking the individual is only going to cause derision because people ultimately defend, stand for and fight behind the notion of the individual champion and Trump is still nevertheless the current American working class peoples champion at this given time.

        I therefore think that less focus on the individual and more focus on the system would educate the masses on where to look for answers and therefore where best to attack next.

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          You’re making a good point @empty-soul

          Although this doesn’t address your argument, I said it before (can’t remember where, I tend to write too much smack and can’t remember) that the way to go in a situation like this would be not to vote. The “if you didn’t vote, you have no right to whine” argument is stupid, and likely propagated by the establishment itself. In reality, it’s if you did vote, you have no right to whine, because that’s what you voted in.

          So long as people will continue going to the polling station,, the establishment will continue to put their people in the office, because the public will have been hoodwink to believe they were legitimately voted in. But if there were countless videos, images and reports of polling stations being deserted because nobody’s showing up, they’d have a serious problem on their hands.

          A wise man said that if elections mattered, they wouldn’t held them. And Josef Stalin said that all the people need to know is that the election is held. Let them participate and it’s all they need to believe they had a choice and the most popular candidate was selected by the majority.

          So to finally return to your point – anyone who participate in the election helped to solidify the establishment’s hold on the people. Whether mocking them makes any difference or not, I do not know for sure (though you do make a valid argument), I still believe they deserve to me mocked because by voting they solidified the establishment’s hold.

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          Empty soul


          I agree with you that a vote cast at an election booth is a worthless vote because in reality true freedom of choice cannot exist in the form of a pre-selected list. For example, if I were to ask you to choose a place to eat at and then only give you the choice of McDonalds or Burger King whatever choice you make would still very much fall within my control and bring about the result I desire because I was the one who designed the selection process to begin with.

          In the above the election process is very much like a magic trick whereby you are asked to pick a card, any card under the illusion of choice when in fact the choice and end result was cleverly designed and controlled by the trickster.

          Personally then when I look at elections I consider them less about the choice of a particular person/party and more about challenging and manipulating public perception. A kind of reverse magic trick if you will, whereby you turn a otherwise fixed game into a way of reducing the influence of those whose agendas you disagree with whilst at the same time empowering those people you do agree with because at the end of the day if you want to see the world you envision become reality you have to create more like-minded people because ultimately it is the power of numbers that determines such things.

          Hilary and Trump therefore may have been an identical choice on the face of it but behind the official scenes it was a battle of ideologies wherein the left and right waged combat and gained and lost power and influence accordingly.

          That the liberals, SJW’s, feminists etc have been screaming bloody murder and losing their shit is proof enough that they feel threatened and hurt by a Trump victory and in the words of Schwarzenegger if it bleeds we can kill it.

          To conclude, if we on the political middle and right stop voting the political left will only gain traction and create more of their own(which we can see they have successfully done for the last twenty years) because they will always vote every single time regardless and therefore the status quo governments will always be reselected accordingly as per the election trick anyways.

          If voting is, on the face of it, pointless and not voting is equally pointless and self defeating it makes sense then to vote in a way that plants an ideological seed for the future because the more of you that exists the more likely you are to come out on top.

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      @empty-soul yes, you elect a clown, expect a circus. Grass roots, third party candidates would have been a good alternative to not participating in the election. Anyone affiliated with any of the two major parties is one and the same. Though as you say, SJWs, feminists and the similar ilk will vote liberal just because. A liberal is a person whose indoctrination is complete. They will embrace their own self destruction and will fight anyone trying to save them, that’s how deep their indoctrination got.

      But Trump voters are not any better. Trump is not a people’s champion. He’s there strictly for Israel and the establishment and everything he’s done in actions supports that, though everything he said in empty words was for the people. We all lost.

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        Empty soul


        The people who voted for Trump because they thought he would help them and bring about the change they yearn for are indeed idiots because there is absolutely nothing about a born rich billionaire that screams man of the people. That said, I do think that you are perhaps misunderstanding the true nature of the human being a little bit.

        Take Stockholm syndrome for example where hostages develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. Now, normally deep psychological connections take a long time to form and require certain pre-set conditions to be met along the way however when the human mind is under intense stress, loses the ability to intelligently cope and the fear of death takes hold all other mental faculties get forced to take a back seat and a toddler like mentality kicks in wherein you become utterly reliant and therefore attached to the person who holds your continued survival in their hands because the instinct to survive transcends everything else.

        How does the above relate to politics?, because the one thing you will have noticed when it comes to election time is how even normally intelligent people become almost child like in the way they think, act and behave, as if they become detached from reality itself.

        To cut it short, elections tend to create socially intense atmospheres charged with fear that bring out the herd mentality in people and a kind of Stockholm syndrome takes hold(let’s call it herd syndrome)wherein once people pick a side they will defend it at all costs, even against the indefensible which is also why Trump supporters still support him even now whilst he brings in all these rotten spying laws.

        To shamefully make use of a line I use way too often on this website, society is like a pendulum in that it swings back and forth from one extreme to another and it is at the furthest extremes where the most resistance is to be found and wherein the change of direction will begin to take place.

        The people behind elections are smart men, they know all of this and they also understand that violent uprisings take place when the people lose hope with the system and that is why they have given the Americans Trump this time because he represents hope to them, the majority, whilst at the same time still acting for the same old establishment as before.

        However, like I was saying, Clinton was the exact same choice and so was all the other officially endorsed candidates and one of them was always going to get through so voting/not voting was never going to change anything.

        As for third party candidates, they would never have the money and connections to compete on the election stage and if they borrowed from wealthy backers they would cease to be independent and unbiased due to the influence of those backers.

        To end on your last point,

        “Trump is not a people’s champion. He’s there strictly for Israel and the establishment and everything he’s done in actions supports that, though everything he said in empty words was for the people“.

        The above also holds true for Clinton as well so we can both agree then that the vote for either candidate was going to bring about the exact same result.

        To conclude, what I was trying to get at then in my own long rambling way was that since the result was unavoidable either way one must look at what one can effect outside of that bubble.

        You don’t have to be a Trump supporter then nor indeed like Trump in the slightest to appreciate the effect his victory has had on liberals, SJWs and feminists etc. An effect that would not have materialised under a Clinton victory.

        You said as much yourself,

        “A liberal is a person whose indoctrination is complete. They will embrace their own self destruction and will fight anyone trying to save them, that’s how deep their indoctrination got“.

        So, since both a Trump and Clinton victory would have brought about the exact same result which fucks us in the short term either way you should at least take some solace in the fact that the indoctrinated liberals have lost pace, influence and power.

        The above is why I don’t see a Trump victory as worse than a Clinton one because despite the end result being the same the indoctrinated liberals received a good old fashioned kicking this way and this empowered the opposition which is a good thing for people like us because it aids our survival and creates more people like us which reduces the foothold of the indoctrinated liberals in time to come.

        This is also why I recommended to you that you should attack the system rather than the person because the individual changes every single time and is therefore irrelevant for the most part whereas the system is the same old system regardless of the figurehead.

        At the end of the day though we are both on the same side regardless.

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