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      Caught this in my newsfeed . Not sure if they are international but when I used to watch tv their commercials ran all the time.

      Their stuff is real cheap but the kicker is you cant return it and it is all mail order


      I am feeling really bummed out. Everything so gloom and doom. I used to go with the flow but now I am feeling like I want to somehow make a difference, or save myself. Havent decided. Both?

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      Hamburger Bob

      Probably tied to that Hollywood sex cult that owned 11 daycares worldwide that were found guilty for human sex trafficking in which the media has been very silent about.

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      When mainstream “fact checking” groups rush to declare an information false, it suggests there is likely a great deal of truth to it and it warrants further investigation.

      The unfolding situation with Wayfair is that on their website, they sell such items as towel cabinets, pillows , etc for $12,000+. Good folks on teh interweb kept digging and revealed that many of those overpriced cabinets have names of children who had gone missing, and companies selling them use pedophile logos with their names.

      Samiyah Wayfair

      Pedo Logo

      Wayfair Coincidences

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      Hiding in plain sight? Wayfair website under baby and kids all the way at the bottom:

      Wayfair Terms

      Wayfair president of operation with Jewish procurer of children for pedophiles:

      Ghislaine Maxwell with Bill Hutcherson

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        The girl featured in the $10,000 pillow who disappeared from Southfield, MI was found within a couple days. Knowing this prompted me to look into Ghislaine pic with Wayfair guy. This picture was taken at some awards show, he is identified as an actor and nothing to do with Wayfair

        Having said all that I still believe there is indeed something shady going down. Far too coincidental ,and way too easily dismissed. As stated above , giant tell

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      I have never heard of Wayfair but it certainly looks suss. Sounds a bit Pizza- Gatey as well. I’d bet money they they have been trafficking children for rape and murder.

      That Bill Hutcherson? Something wrong with him . He looks like a perv or an abused person. Don’t ask me how I know. It is just instinctive ,gut feeling …
      It is in the eyes and the set of the jaw somehow.

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        He is probably coked out but I agree he looks incredibly seedy

        Forget his name but they labeled him her “companion” if that means her date for this event then 100% our observations are correct

        Wayfair is home furnishing site. I find it difficult to believe that this would be front for trafficking, although nothing would surprise me . Very least investigation into who ever is doing these write ups/ product descriptions because they were accurate and have since been removed. Too creepy and industrial or not there is zero way a cabinet like that would ever retail for $10,000, nevermind a pillow wtf

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        Ha! That was awesome. Rather distracting to me as he appeared to be swallowed by giant toilet but message was dead on and I certainly appreciated his humor

        the line about him putting his oxygen mask on prior to assisting girls on plane was killer.

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