What Am I Gonna Be When I Grow Up?

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      I am actually starting to give it some thought. Just under 4 months unemployment left. If they leave it at $600 a week I am going to walk that line to the edge. If it drops back to 3 I may return to work slightly before. But what am I going to do? Its going to be January and really fucking cold. No idea. I will say this , I appreciate this time off I have had

      Maybe I will go back and be someone’s bitch. I do not feel I want that headache of management but it will eat at me to take orders when I know I could do it better. Or maybe not. Maybe I have changed. Then too even though pot is legal I am sure I will have to pass pee test.

      They are building giant Amazon warehouse near me, I could pick orders maybe. I don’t know. Guess I got time. Just dont want to be here 6 months from now all UPDATE “panic”

      Let’s not let that happen , okay?

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