What do you like about watching gore/snuff-themed content?

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      Hi everyone,
      I’m a senior lecturer at the University of Kent, UK, where I teach a course on genocide and atrocity.
      I’m currently doing research on ISIS videos, and how audiences respond to them.
      I also want to research more broadly about people who actively look at atrocity images online, how this started for them and what it all means.
      I’m reaching out to see if anyone would talk to me about ISIS videos and watching gore and violence more generally.
      I’m not interested in judging, just in understanding the appeal.
      I don’t need or want personal details, and anything relayed to me would be confidential and anonymized.
      If you’re not interested, apologies for wasting your time.
      But if anyone is willing to speak with me, please contact me at: [email protected]

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      [email protected]

      Hello. I have sent you an email.
      [email protected]

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