What ever happened to Gaddaffi's Amazons?

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      Did they die protecting him? Were they raped, tortured and finished off by being butt-fucked with a knife like their leader or were they sold off into sex slavery to Bush and Clinton’s fat sweaty pals in Araby?

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      Just added a few more tags.

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      And all other interested BG followers.

      Guys you seem to be men of the world and up to date with current affairs.

      The above has always intrigued me. What do you think happened?

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        Muja Mi Rona

        No idea my friend. I always liked Mr al-Qaddafi, his mannerisms and dress sense. He was a good friend to Irish Republicans too. I don’t know much about the politics of it all. It’s terrible what happened and is still happening in Libya.
        If his Amazons had any sense they would have bolted straight back to the kitchen, like the good “hot arab moslem girls” that they are, if they didn’t, then they surely were anally raped to death like you suggest.

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          Yes i liked gadaffi as well for lots of reasons eg gold dinar and fact he said ” im the guy preventing headchoppers invading europe as i am in headchopper-killing business”.
          Usuk didnt care or listen so we now have shit!

          Tell me about this irish egyptian pharmacist? Is that the real you? Nice mix.

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          Muja Mi Rona

          Haha, I’m not even half the age of the dude in the pic. The name is a reference to the Egyptian Pharmacist video, Marks last post.
          Who knows, I could have some Egyptian blood if the stories of ancient Egyptian royalty being the ancestors of the Irish have some substance.

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          Hah .i thought so! Funny!

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        Muja Mi Rona

        You had me laughing at “man of the world” and “up to date with current affairs.” I really know fuck all.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Who knows what happened but I bet it wasn’t nice for them.

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      Well they are mentally and physically scarred for life, specially in the arab world. They don’t want damaged goods there. If my memory serves me correct, there is an interview with one of these chicks in the following documentary:

      BBC Storyville – Mad Dog: Gaddafi’s Secret World (2014)
      a torrent can be found here:


      It’s a very interesting docu to watch.

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        Yes i do believe they were ass raped and fed to the dogs by us uk new gov pals in libya.thanks for doco,i will watch soon but i think i have seen it in past. I think it is one where she says they were raped by gadaffi.

        Bad but we should also blame us uk gov for all pedos and rape of interns they did. Podesta, moore etc

        See you round @terminator_g

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        Marky Ramones Wig

        I’ve watched that ,it is very interesting, he used to visit schools and select girls ,take them home ,fuck them then recruit them into the Amazonian guard , some of them were really young apparently, it’s a bbc doc so I’d take it with a large pinch of sodium but well worth a watch.

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          Can’t be worse than the children that us/uk/brussels gov elite groomed for fucking with Franklin and The Circle scandals. Add Bush Senior’s The Grove and killary clintons Pizzagate pedophile crimes. Dirty bastards!!


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          Marky Ramones Wig

          There all sexual deviants , peadophiles should be castrated and anybody who says/thinks different needs their laptops checking…….. fucking scandalous what the people in so called power cover up between themselves

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      Mr Spock

      I wouldn’t really know what happened to those ladies without consulting Google. Gaddafi only had female bodyguards just to show off how successful and progressive his Libyan elite really was. This man was no feminist and he did not accept women as equals.

      My guess was that even if those hot Amazon bodyguards messed up at work and he took a bullet that injured or killed him, they would have been given pussy pass. Most of them were mistreated by him and I’ll guess that when has assassinated, they were out of work and had to make themselves scarce, fast. People would be looking for trophies of the fallen dictator and they would be a good example.

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      I think we agree that they ran for their lives or were assraped and in the ground or harem somewhere.

      I checked google but it is silent on the outcome. I suspect regime- changers dont want images of beautiful women bleeding from ripped throats and anuses on news upsetting average housewives on the news.

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