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      Road Pavement

      If your a woman what would happen and what would you do?

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      Raving Mad Pigeon

      Take it from someone who is one: being a woman is shit.

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        Nailed it
        And that’s just an understatement

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          Aegrescit medendo

          I’ve pooped so hard that blood squirted out of my penis. So we really aren’t that different ladies and gents.

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        Why so negative? Being a woman is brilliant! We have the boobies

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          Mr Spock

          @ExMrsSmith. At least someone is being honest, lol.
          Being a woman gives you legal and moral entitlement to play with breasts all day (your own) without risk being sued for harassment.

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          GDPR Harvester

          Why is it called a Boob?

          B = View from above
          OO = View face on
          b = View from the side


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        Mr Spock

        @ Ravingmadpidgeon. Liar! LOL.

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      Aegrescit medendo

      I would suck your cock while you take a dump and kiss you deeply with my jizz lips, then you can take me dancing.

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      @X .. Just to help out with your headline. It should be “What if You’re A Woman”? Or “What if you are a woman”? And do you mean, “what if suddenly I was changed into a woman”? or “What is it like being a woman”? I think also, you need to address the audience with whom you are asking the question of. Are you asking it of the men or the women in this forum?
      I apologize for asking for a clarification, but I hope it helps with what you are asking, because it sounds like a good question and one I have wondered very often about too. I have wondered about what it would be like and feel like to be a woman. Both sexually and in general. Like, how does having multiple orgasms feel? How does a woman’s orgasm feel? How does a woman feel different compared with a man regarding living everyday life, such as safety, security, self protection, etc? What is it like to be the woman during sex… The difference between the hormones of sexuality and the difference of bodies. Estrogen vs. testosterone with oxytocin mixed in. What’s it like carrying a baby, giving birth and being a mother?
      Your question, for a male of the species, is a great question and is huge in its scope. The best answer I can give you is to ask a good female friend of yours or your girlfriend… Or hope that a nice woman here on Best Gore will take some time to answer the best she can. It is extremely hard to describe a sense, such as feeling or touch. It would be like describing to a blind person who has never seen anything what a rose or the sky looks like.
      I would like to hear some answers too… Like, does it feel as good to you as it does me when I slide my penis into your warm, wet, soft, snuggly, tingly feeling vagina, where it feels like a million little warm, wet mouths and tongues are all at once working on my penis and to where it feels like ‘This is where I belong, I’ve finally found out where my penis calls home and I want to live here… How much is the rent’? Lol.

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        @Theluvmuscle. Take it back a notch Funk and Wagnalls. We’re all here having fun.

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      Road Pavement


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      GDPR Harvester

      I’d be the biggest manipulative, monkey-branching, hypergamic slut on the planet. Why? Because there are fools out there that would let me get away with it and if ever things went a little awry I’d turn the tears on to such an extent you’d be able to end the drought in Ethiopia; the pussy-pass would be exploited to the full. I’d do this for as long as I could get away with it. 😀

      In a nutshell, I’d be everything that I hate in a woman. I might detest these kinds of women but I don’t blame them for trying to make the most of it from the idiot betas out there that allow it to happen.

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        Mr Spock

        LOL, I like your style, Psychotherapist.

        I always wonder why the social convention is to think that women have been oppressed, or that it is somehow a disadvantage to be a woman in today’s society. This is not Pakistan, or Saudi Arabia. Women here a allowed the same opportunities as men. It’s just that they don’t always seize them. It’s not because they are less capable, it’s because they are less egoistical and ambitious. They tend to go for jobs/careers that they enjoy rather than those that pay well. Ones which won’t impact their social lives.

        And I can tell you something else. If a man and a woman have the same job in a company, and the SAME pay, more will be expected from the man. Also, faults are tolerated in women, but not so in men. Not even minor ones.
        This has been my experience. So I have never really understood why women think they are oppressed.

        And also like you say, there are lots of beta males to flock to them.

        I’d say it’s good fun being female 🙂

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          GDPR Harvester


          There’s no doubt in my mind that in today’s western world it’s men who are exploited, not women. Men are in total competition in everything they do. Every hurdle possible is placed in front of a man whereas all that’s placed in front of a woman is a red carpet. For a woman to get what she wants she just has to flash the gash. Still, we live in a gynocentric society so I wouldn’t expect anything less.

          My comment isn’t sour grapes, it’s just the truth. I have little respect for the western woman today but, as is often said, they aren’t all the same. Some do pull their weight and don’t rely on the pussy pass to get their own way; they actually put in time and effort to achieve things that other women expect on a plate. Those achievers I can respect but, sadly, there aren’t that many around.

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      GDPR Harvester

      All my niggas would get some pussy

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      I’d be like Cleopatra,Zenobia of Palmyra, Isabella of Spain or Catherine the Great,in short, I would rule the world!

      My fave was Cleopatra,she could fuck,suck and wield power.
      Pity that vicious fancyboy Octavian Augustus got her in the end!

      My favorite answers above are luvmuscle’s and psycho’s.




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