What if your the world dictator?

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      Road Pavement

      If I was the world dictator I would exterminate all homosexuals so the kids would be safer Then all women would stay pregnant and abolish incest, Also all men must have jobs also I would do a successful breeding program when all the women will look like big breasted sex goddess and behave like natural born housewife’s and also abolish racism which promotes incest among white people.

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Man, you are a genius.

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      As a proud Aryan Trap, I’d make crossdressing mandatory. Women would be made obsolete via test tube babies and men would have amazing trap sex daily.

      Oh, too, I’d make it so straight men and women could have their own continent. I would also make it my priority to destroy AIDS and STDs, via genetic engineering.

      Keep it away from the kids though.
      Also I’d gas the Jews and nonwhites.

      (But seriously though, I’d be a terrible world leader.)

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      Mr Spock

      If was world dictator, I would have just one rule:
      Working to earn a living is for men.
      Women should fucking know their place and say at home making sammitches or doing laundry. 🙂
      That includes you, Alicia, hehe lol

      I’ve worked in many macho environments in business, and seen women who thought they were hardasses just crumble and cry when they were bullied by an asshole. Women act tough only when dealing with wimps or equals, but they want validation from assholes and suck up to them.

      Whereas men like me are kind to the weak and can stand up to assholes (men are used to being dispensible and putting themselves in dangerous positions).

      Anyway, enough of my sexism LOL. I respect women, really.

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      Mr Spock

      I only recently realised what a Trap was :-). Didn’t bother finding out at the time I made my comment above.

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