What is more devastating ? Your man goes with a prostitute or a woman he finds.

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      I was looking at a post made by @wicked-mama? Some years ago and it piqued my interest.

      What do women really think? You only have two choices ,your man goes with a sexworker or a woman who you could put a name and a face to if you tried.

      No cheating! You cant say it is the same or my man would never do that to me!

      Comeon ladies,spill ! . I would love to know your thoughts on this. FYI ,@wicked -mama said a prostitute is worse. I disagree , i think a woman -not a sexworker- is worse but what do i know?

      Question is aimed at women yet men can comment as well. Please also provide your reasoning.

      Ladies who i talk to the most, i expect you guys to be the first to comment to liven things up!

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      well i would think it would be more painful if he goes off with someone he knows personally. so a prostitute would be less painful. but i wouldn’t want to find out either way. i’d prefer if i had a man who loved me and was faithful to me. i’m a romantic.

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      Mr Spock

      If I was a woman, I’d rather he cheated with a prossy – it would be more demeaning for him to have had to PAY for his sexual encounter with a woman he doesn’t know.

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      I have to agree with everyone. I’d rather him go off with a few prostitute than someone he/we know. Still, my man knows I’d remove and bronze his balls if he cheated with either. Just saying…lollipops is

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      iPad is acting up. Don’t know where the “lollipops” came from.

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      It is more apropiate to go with a sexworker if there is really an urge to it, depends on how the wife is.. maybe she deserves to be cheated on with her best friend.. or maybe the man is just a fucking asshole who cant keep his dick in his pants.. If a man feels like there is the need to go fuck somebody else, I think that means there is something wrong with the woman he is with, she doesn’t satisfy him.

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      Thanks Ladies! A trend is there. More answers by ladies would be appreciated.


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      @hopingfornemesis ive never had a “girlfriend” but ive had sex with 25-28 females, and ive spent approximately 800usd$ that I can think of off the top of my head on prostitutes from back page mostly. its been years and if I heard right the owner of that site got in deep trouble with the law. In the service my servicmembers called me the back page master. I always wanted a girlfriend though.if I added up one time right I think I’ve had sex with like maybe around 8 prostitutes, and it was a last resort thing, I was very lonely with virtually no friends, and even doing drugs to cope with the depressing situation. I never felt good about it, except for one it was a really classy situation and a very pretty girl the same age as me (22) on the 18th floor & on the balcony of a Hilton on the beach. and she was Latina and I paid 245$ for 45 min. I’m getting off topic though…story for another time. as things took a turn for the worse one time (the last time , which was shortly after that, I got robbed by two “professional escorts off a “legit” website for 210$. Prostitutes will almost never turn into something more than a regrettable sleazy encounter. To be honest it was *extremely* hard to find attractive ones and a few times they looked strung out and way different in pics. There was also always the risk of arrest and public humiliation of having that on your record. If I had a girlfriend I would never even think of doing something like that , the girl wouldn’t be my girlfriend in the first place if I had to resort to that kind of low….. Just my perspective on that…

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      Thank you @mrspock and @heriitic for your input as always.
      Terry ,cant see why you dont have friends brother. You seem intelligent and sincere. You need to hang with people like yourself . Dont try and hang with the “cool” jocks. They are generally thick and uninteresting.

      Get yourself a beautiful older woman who will appreciate your looks and personality.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Definitely a woman. Despite the threat of a DST from a hooker, another woman is a bigger threat to the family… A man will not dump the family for a prostitute.

      I though you wanted ladies responses so I took longer to reply 🙂

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