What It’s Like to Be an NPC During COVID-19 Plandemic

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      The sad thing is, when he’s talking about people not knowing how to make their own best decisions, is how many people truly believe that the government knows what is best for them in their own lives.

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      As long as this has gone on, is as long as i have been cynical.
      I will be honest, i still have come to no “concrete” conclusions, that im prepared to state as absolute.

      So, i will just say something regarding England this week. And a couple of thoughts on it.
      We, here, have now apparently had the most deaths in Europe -second only the the USA- it has been said This week.
      It is also said this week, the the 4000 bed nightingale hospital that was built on the London docks to deal with this “largest toll in Europe”, has been put on standby this week. Its reported that 20 patients were being treated…which makes 54 who have been treated there in total. Birmingham’s Nightingale Hospital, another 4000 bed facility, has yet to see any patients… which apparently shows our “fantastic response to the virus” in the opinions of a lot of English msm.
      We could go down the list of cities by size that have had “nightingale hospitals” build/made , and the stats are the same.
      Highest toll in Euro? Empty and redundant industrial scale hospitals in the major cities?
      I saw a really cheap and crappy teens action film about 5 year ago, but with a really good line that made an impression on me;
      “Numbers don’t lie, sir. Politics, poetry, promises – those are lies. Numbers are as close as we get to the handwriting of God”
      Well, the numbers dont jell for me… and thats just in my own country.
      Also, as burgerbob said, ask around..how many actually KNOW someone who has died? Of course, there will be people who have. But considering/in comparison to what we are being told about death tolls, and the demographic regarding those who it DOES kill,.. Do the numbers jell?

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        I’m open to the evidence as well but it could in fact be that the lockdown has worked for the moment. Time will tell. Unless the virus died out we will almost certainly have a one big second wave come though . As a rule we are still a world of people with no known immunity to a new virus.

        Any new destructive virus kills many of those with no immunity or exposure to it previously ;just like Spanish Flu did .

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          I replied to your earlier post Hoping but unfortunately, it’s stuck in the moderation approval cue…

          First of all, the evidence regarding the CV-19 virus is mute. If you watch the Dr. Kauffman videos, he clearly points this out with concrete evidence of false positives. It’s also addressed in the Dr. Fauci link that I posted, as well as others. As long as the propaganda of the CV-19 virus is not challenged, it will indeed, mutate into another form of propaganda. (but not the virus itself)

          Your references regarding where this virus originates, or if it’s manmade, natural etc. in my opinion, bears no fruit, if this so-called virus is non existent to begin with.

          In our conversation, you on several occasions, replied with “they said.” They who? Is there any proof that this so-called virus is being created? Any evidence where it is being created? What medical professional has made such a claim?

          In my fact finding expeditions, I seek out people much MUCH smarter than I am. Sometimes they have to talk real slow, and in little pieces, before I can draw a parallel between truth and propaganda.

          …but I usually cross the finish line 🙂

          The truth of the matter, is that this virus is a false positive, sold by the globalist media to accept the life ending vaccine.

          And this will come. My insurance company already wants me to take a current vaccine for the flu. (ain’t gonna happen)

          …I also have the response. I may cut/past it here, from my personal portal with them. 🙂

          Anyway, it’s much easier, to sell something that the people are already familiar with, even though this virus doesn’t exist. If medical centers can’t effectively test for this fairy tale of a virus, then how are they going to keep anyone safe? If my past Governor and current Vice President Pence, along with our present Governor Holcomb appear on TV w/o masks, then is it fair to question the validity of this virus in question? I say yes!

          However, your concern about an ACTUAL VIRUS MUTATION is a valid one. Viruses in colds and flus mutate all the time. Although he doesn’t have the credentials as Mr. Kaufman, this gentleman sums it up rather nicely…

          In closing…

          If there’s any proof that the CV-19 virus exists, I’d like to see it. I’m kind of a cause and effects dude, in contrast to what is being spoonfed to me.

          However, I’m not a “Problem, Reaction, Solution” kind of guy. That’s how fear is manufactured, with propaganda being it’s marketing tool.

          As far as manmade viruses…

          YES! Ineviitably, these viruses IN MY OPINION, will be created from some animal(s) to make a vaccine. A vaccine that will disarm one’s own immune system to the point of death. If Dr. Fauci, the CDC and the WHO are capable of killing children and adults with viruses/vaccines, then what’s to stop them with this latest health alarm?

          If you have any concrete evidence to give me then please, do so. It’s fair to say that I DON’T know it all. And the more I learn, then the better off I’ll be. I’m simply asking questions, in quest for the truth.

          We agree on several issues regarding this recent outbreak. However, the people who die, usually die from other medical conditions, with an unproven virus being the cause on their death certificate.

          …and I have a problem with that

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        Good post…

        I may also add from my standpoint here in the United States, that we are the greatest country on the planet.

        …as long as Wall Street, Silicon Valley, the media and Hollywood, continue to be our Pillar of Democracy.

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      I saw a forum or comment here some time ago, im too tired to remember.
      But It was suggested that what is happening right now could be a test,-an experiment if you like- of how populus will/would react to the foundations or beginings of martial law/ totalitarian control…with one of the possible conclusions/aims of this test being that helps to predict how the populus might react to the escalation [& further] of totalitarian control.
      This, rather than the current situation being the “main event” itself.
      I can certainly see some logic in this theory.
      The further enriching of the 1% that the following “austerity” that follows the colossal coming recession is just a nice little bonus in the game.
      A cherry on top. “Booyah!”

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        Yes you are right. It is a plan that was worked on by all the usual SUSPECTS and you may in fact be right. They may in fact have the vaccine all along and it is just a trial-run with us as ” collateral damage.”

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        Muja Mi Rona

        Such as. (@theprotocolsofzion will like this one)

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