What the fuck is a pansexual?.

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      Empty soul

      To the French it would appear to be a sexual attraction towards bread.

      To the English speaking world however it comes across as an attraction towards everything surrounding a person(panoramic).

      Can someone really be attracted to everything surrounding them or are they just modern day influenced “snowflake” generation attention whores, just wanting to be special?.

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      Death Pod

      I think they’re attention whores who just want to be counterculture for the sake of it. The term pansexual to me just sounds like a chìc way of saying bisexual. But then, I only believe there are two sexes.

      Always makes me think of Unknown Hinson. Even though he’s spoofing a closed minded stereotype, what he’s referring to always seems to fit the bill. The new Marxist, sjw, lefties embracing the sexual spectrum.

      “I ain’t no communist, I vote republican. I ain’t confused about my sexuality.”

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      Lord Wankdust

      They will have sex with a pan.

      An actual pan.

      Then they justify their weirdness by attacking you for even having a thought that might suggest sticking your cock in, or rubbing your cunt with, a pan is strange. Or perhaps not even a real thing. Or even thinking that it is not even a sexuality but just something that happened when they were walking through a kitchen. But they are so self-obsessed that their weird sexual behaviour walking through a kitchen merits its own name.

      It’s like a wardrobe-sexual. I just invented that by looking around the room I’m in (the west-wing of Wankdust Towers). But now it exists in my mind and if you question its right to exist in any way then you must be discriminating against me.

      Self-obsessed victim culture.

      Welcome and pull up a chair.

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        They will use Pam™ as a lubricant.

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        Empty soul


        Would Robert Powell be considered to be a pansexual given that he married a member of Pan’s People?

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          Lord Wankdust

          He would be considered VERY lucky in my neck of the woods.

          For those BG readers from foreign countries like Amerika and Germany, Pan’s People were an extremely groovy dance troupe from BBCTV’s “Top of the Pops” programme. Watch this and you just might realise what the world has lost.

          Ruth Pearson passed away in June 2017 and Louise Clarke passed away in 2012. The utter verve, guts and joy these dancers gave to the show was something else.

          Sic Transit Gloria Mundi.

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