What They Don’t Teach You About the Most Famous Scientists

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      I thoroughly enjoyed this video – props to the author on the research and presentation.

      The video offers a look at the unknown “dark” side of 4 scientists – Pythagoras (perfect number, enlightened global rule, secret society), Isaac Newton (alchemy, philosopher’s stone, disputing historical dates), Benjamin Franklin (Hell-Fire club, possible British double agent, 6 children buried beneath his London residence), and Albert Einstein (ties to “The Secret Doctrine” author Blavatsky, miracle of 1905).

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      Out of Those 4, only one of them “Benjamin Franklin” i would maybe consider calling A Scientist, and that’s A Big Maybe Mark. As the Last Great Scientist as you know was none other than Nicola Tesla, and before him was Ptolemy, who only had A Sextant, (That He Himself Invented) in order to Calculate with Incredible Precision the Circumference of our Flat, And Motionless Firmament Covered Earth with. He did this by calculating the height between the Horizon’s Water (Ocean Line) with the height of The Sun, or Moon, depending if it was day, or night.

      A Quote From A Man who Most likely Was, The Last TRUE SCIENTIST, To Have Ever Lived *NICOLA TESLA* And I Quote,

      “”Today’s Scientist have Substituted Mathematics For Experiments, and They Wander Off Through equation, after equation, and eventually build A Structure Which Has No Relation To Reality””

      And by using the calculation gauge on the Sextant, he could calculate the distance , and estimate with incredible accuracy, the time of day, or night depending on the Summer, or Winter Solstices. These Sextants are so incredibly accurate that many Sailors, Ship Captains, and even Land, & Sea Surveyors still use them today work with are the only 2 true Scientist that used the experiments that were tested, and repeated before ever, labeling any new discovery as a proven, calculable fact. Unlike the 4 Pseudo-Scientists who used only Baseless Theories, that can never be tested, and repeated

      Mark,,, I Am Kinda Surprised, and at the same time very Curious as to why, after my Spending so much time on here thoroughly Researching, and Seriously Investigating The Flat-Earth, (Leaving Absolutely No Stone un-turned,) that You have not Taken It Seriously Enough, To Even consider Having a Slight Desire Whatsoever, to Properly/Completely Investigate it, or to even Remotely Entertain this Incredible Now 100% Proven, And A Widely Accepted Topic, and Fact. You’d think that Curiosity by itself would have Killed The Cat, and would have kicked-in by now. I Am Positive That If You Studied it, while Keeping a Completely Unbiased, And Honest, Open-Minded Approach to it, just as you did when Investigating, and Brilliantly Putting Together your Holohoax-Series, i’m convinced that you would agree with undoubtedly end-up being yet another one of Your Greatest Achievements on Here. Also, just Imagine how many more Millions would instantly become new Best-Gore Members as a direct result of having you also on board.

      So Whatever It Is, That Does Not Resonate With You, like for example, it could be Concerning some Questions that you must surely have regarding How A Flat-Earth could possibly work, as opposed to A Globe-Earth-Theory, does not unless you add Magical Forces, or (Theories To It) in order for any of it to work, as even all of today’s Pseudo-Scientists cannot even explain any of the Theories anymore since All These New Technological Advances Have Been Made, in Something Even As Basic As Camera Lenses Are Concerned. Is It Because Of A Fear Of Being Ridiculed Mark??? Is It Because You Really Think That There Is No Way That They Could Pull-Off Something So Huge??? Is It Because Your Gut-Feeling Tells You A Simple NO-WAY??? Is It Because You Are Worried Of Losing Some Members Respect, Or Members as a whole??? Is It Because You Think That It Has To Do With GOD, And You Just Do Not Want To Go There??? Is It Cause There Are Still Too Many Unanswered Questions That You Think Nobody Can Properly Answer??? Is It Because You Just Have No Time For That Shit Right Now??? Or Do You Just Do Not Care About It Either-way???
      SORRY FOR ALL THE IS IT THIS,,, OR IT THAT, But I Just Have To Know What Your Honest Take Is On This Important Topic, If Not For Yourself,,, But It Maybe Important For You Nieces, And Future Nieces, And Nephews no??? 🙂 I Brought This Topic Up A Couple Of Times On Past E-Mails But They Were Never Answered So I thought That Since There Is Only You, And I On This Thread, That I Could Try My Luck Again!

      Thanks For Your Time Mark,

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      Do You Honestly Think That I Would Put My Family, **And Myself Mark,** Through What Would Most Certainly Be,
      An Incredible (HIDE YOUR HEAD IN DA-SAND) Type Of Embarrassing Ordeal Like This??? And During The Better Part Of 4 1/2 Years Privately, Including The 1 Full Year On My Forum Page, if I Was not 100% sure of myself Brother, lol??? (NO FUCKING WAY BUD) lol. I Know That I have Made Some Mistakes In Judgement A few Times In The Past On Here Mark,,, But After A Couple of them, I Then Made Damn Sure, Not To Get Caught With my Pants Down Yet Again, as to not repeat this what was for me embarrassing ordeals again,lol. So by using lots of my Construction Knowledge, And My Subsequent Wealth Of Many Accredited Professional Contacts, (Mainly Engineers, and Surveyors)I was then able To Check-Out,,, and Doubly Check-Out A Few Calculations, Having General Questions Answered, and Some Other Minor Things Worked-Out. While Also Inadvertently Waking-Up And Freaking-Out A Few Construction Colleges At By Getting Laughed At,,,

      People Talking Shit Behind My Back,,, Being Constantly Ridiculed,,, Shunned,,, Ignored By Most Members,,, And Even Disowned By some??? In My 30 Years Of Being A Highly Respected, and A Completely 100% Bilingual Supervisor, I Was “One” 1 Of only “Two” Supervisors out of approximately 250 Ottawa Area Supervisors to Win, (Within 5 Years Of Each Other) 2 Separate Greater Ottawa Home Builders Association Awards For Excellence, and Safety with An Emergency First Response Certification In The Residential Construction Industry. I Have Worked Closely With City Planners, Engineers, Surveyors, And Even Marine Surveyors While Doing International Bridge Work, From Canada To The U.S. and Let Me Tell You That Nobody Has Ever Seen Any Curvature On Lake Ontario From Toronto Ont. To Cornwall Ont. When There Should Be A Visible 2.4 Kilometers of curvature between those 2 landmarks.

      So If You Do End-Up Reading My Posts, then Come On This Exiting Journey With Us Mark, And If You Do Not Read-it All, then (GO AND FUCK YOURSELF YOU CUNTY- LITTLE-BASTARD,) Bwa, ha, ha! NO,, But Seriously Mark, cause we are Now Almost 1 Billion Strong, and constantly growing by the day my good man, and i assure you that you Will Be Completely Floored At This Incredible 100% Proven Fact. Here is just a very small few of the Professionals that i can quikly think of that now also know with 1000% certainty including Non-Jew, or Establishment Paid Scientists,,, Engineers,,, Airline, and Military Pilots,,, University Professors,,, Ship Captains, Navy, Aircraft Carrier Captains,,, Submarine 1st. Class U.S. Submarine Gunners,,, Long Range Artillery-Gunners,,, Ex. NASA Employees,,, And so on, and so on.

      One thing that i do know for sure Mark, and that is that you will be able to have ALL YOUR IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ANSWERED WITH 100% ACCURACY. Because you will not have to do all (The Painstaking Research) Skip Right Through all
      Of The Troll-Filled Garbage, And The Disinformation Channels Like *THE FLAT-EARTH SOCIETY* That is An Establishment Owned And Operated JEWISH-CUNT!

      C’Mon, Mark, and make the first step My Brother, As YOU Deserve, And Truly Need To Know **THE TRUTH** 🙂


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