WhatsApp video driving Indians to murder

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      Bolshevik Girls


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      Excellent example of how Fake News is used and has been used to fool us now and in the past.
      I dont find them any more moronic than anyone else who listens to the News in any country. What? Germans are not morons for believing in Saddam Hussein having nuclear yellowcake? What ?Usa are not morons for believing In moderate syrian rebels.? Or Assad using chemical weapons?

      The two countries i just mentioned have many educated people.
      Why would i expect India who has many more very uneducated people to be just as clever or even smarter than Germany or Usa at spotting Fake News?


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      Bolshevik Girls

      Black Propaganda, once a dark art that only secret services could indulge in, has now become a commodity as common as apples and bananas. As Jacques Ellul demonstrated in his study of Propaganda, receptivity to propaganda or the lack thereof has nothing to do with one’s level of education. People fall for claptrap of this kind owing to genetic deficiencies, anti-intellectualism prompting people to believe that the google search engine is as good as or better than sound academic credentials, feeding feverishly off parallel narratives conducive of insularity, and the inability to think without positing the excluded middle where it has no right to be. The risible dichotomy of Real News versus Fake News is another symptom of the mentality of the excluded middle. Discernment is our responsibility and not the responsibility of those who peddle the news.

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