When They Say Guns Don’t Shoot People, People Shoot People

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      When They Say Guns Dont Shoot People, People Shoot People

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      Akbar Shabaz

      What a cunt. Another perfect example of the people-shoot-people argument.

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        Exactly B G Brother! Fuck she cannot even hold the darn thing properly for starters, and will most probably have it kick out of her hand, & smashing her in the face with the kickback, the first time she shoots-it, lol Priceless this would be to see.

        And although 9 M.M. Are nothing like The kick from either a 44 Magnum, or Colt 45 cal. Pistols, but either way, they should have to take a gun safety test before acquiring any guns whatsoever which is law in Canada. It is/was 38 years-ago when i took it an all day course in safe handling of firearms.

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      I Honestly believe that it is (Completely Retarded People) and Not The Guns that Shoot/Kill People Mark, well speaking for myself that is. And i say this cause i have always had a collection of hunting firearms for years, that are locked into this 5 foot high, thick metal Browning Gun Case, that is also bolted down in my cement floor.

      They also all have Trigger Locks On Them All, Including all of The associated Ammo which is also safely kept underneath my basement stairs, and in another Safe but Just 1/2 the size of the other one. 🙂 People get their hands on weapons from the U.S. and smuggle them into Canada every year.

      And these irresponsible criminals without any training, or Gun/Hunting Permits Whatsoever are (for the most part) the ones that are responsible for committing these truly horrible offenses with them. And just like That Fucking Dirty-Jew did last month here in Canada (That I’m Sure You Heard of Mark) was from Nova-Scotia, ended-up killing 22 people with Assault-Rifles, that he had Obtained/Purchased illegally from The United-States.

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      And with a name like Fiona, she could very well be of Irish decent that can drink more that 3 bikers for fucks-sake, so stay Da-fuck outta her path Boys/Girls.

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      Gubment Cheese

      I’ve owned a gun since I was ten years old (51 y/o now) and I have never shot anyone or at anyone.

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      The Captain

      Someone start the slow clap…

      Fiona McCrossin, 22, of the 1700 block of Royal Drive, is charged with one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The charge is a fourth-degree felony.

      (Lesbian libtard with a gun)

      Police said that a young woman and her 13-year-old sister were traveling east on Lohman Avenue in a tan Lexus. Prior to arriving at the intersection with Roadrunner Parkway, a tan Mazda sedan driven by a woman approached and the drivers of both vehicles began honking their car horns at each other, police said.

      (Could the other women in the car be her butch exlover? Here’s a safety tip. Don’t use your firearm unless your life is in jeopardy. Don’t drive like a maniac and shoot at people on the highway. You’re a liberal queer with a gun. Good for you. Take a class on how to use your firearm properly and be a responsible citizen. )

      Police said that both vehicles turned north on Roadrunner Parkway and both drivers engaged in aggressive driving. About that time, the driver of the Mazda, later identified as McCrossin, pointed a handgun at the Lexus and discharged one round, police said. Police learned the round fired by McCrossin shattered the back window of her own vehicle.

      (Shot out her own back window, there’s a concept take some shooting lessons assholes. She is gonna have plenty of carpet to munch where she is going! BAHAHAHAHA)

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