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      A good friend and I decided to play with our scalpels on a Friday night. He sliced the inside of my thighs 4 times each and one slice on either side of my labia. The pussy cuts were very shallow and have barely left a scar. The leg cuts have become keloid scars.


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      Not my thing…but a nice lil bird pussy with a slight wrinkle is definitely worth suckin…n a nice pipi stuffin

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      Tell Lestat to use his fangs next time…as that will make for more cosmetically friendly scars n people won’t think you cut ur pussy to bits….they’ll see the scars and be like…”ohhhhhh ok now that makes sense a vampire bit u in the pussy”…otherwise they’ll think ur a weirdo.

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        well I guess that works out, because I am a weirdo

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          Let me let you in on a little secret of mine…Don’t be a weirdo!!

          When people think you’re weird…people wanna see how weird…when people wanna see how weird you wake up in a roadside ditch…don’t wake up in a roadside ditch!

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      Lord Wankdust


      Do the raised yet soft keloid scars on either thigh add a certain frisson to a purple-headed, sticky throb-monster on its way to chafing its way back and forth between the cuffs of your fish mitten? Does it make a man shiver his timbers with an urgency? I reckon the angles could work for some thigh clenching doggy-style robust thrustings (though I have noticed a lack of symmetry so the chafing wont make for a well balanced scar-wank – even with my throbbiest, most swollen minge-stretcher. But it is worth a go.
      I salute you.. and your cheeky little Clam Smoothie which looks like it might provide a welcome warm and soft shaven-haven after the scar-tissue abrasion-frap.

      In the late 1970’s I had a bicycle crash and inadvertently used my right elbow as a means of braking on some gravel covered tarmac. The crusty, scabby elbow wound-tissue growth eventually formed a lovely sexy pink keloid elbow scar. I would trade you a rub across the minge with my sexy right elbow keloid in exchange for a few bashes with my beefy love torpedo across your thigh-sex keloids. In the interests of research of course. I think the whole sex-keloid creation thing you have done is quite creative, but should probably remain a one-off.
      Charming splinge pout too!

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      Dumbass kids. Stop cutting yourselves.

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      Damn girl, what a waste!

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