Where are the male teachers?

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    Here’s one.

    I forgot… @llyounghitlerll doesn’t believe in learning to read and write because he thinks it is gynocentric.

    I’ve never noticed that myself.

    My pupils work very hard for me and get great results because I am a great teacher, know my subject inside out and do my job brilliantly.

    Some of my female colleagues get similar results because they are great teachers too.

    However more male teachers are required as a matter of some urgency.

    There you go.

    learning to read and write is gynocentric according to @llyounghitlerll,

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      Boy, stfu with your false accusing ass. Non debating motherfucker! For being “smart” you sure are dumb as fuck.

      Nice bitch move attempting to take away from the topic.

      Fuck off old man. Get your slave ass back to funding taxes to welfare whites and immigrants.

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