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      Hahahaha! Those kids are RACISTS! But I get it, I find white to be the prettiest color. ๐Ÿ˜€

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      Empty soul

      Libtards and dumb niggers will tell you that the above footage is the result of white supremacist society and a โ€˜Eurocentricโ€™, globally exported, ideal of beauty.

      To understand the truth however would require opening an history book or two and engaging the brain in a logical fashion which libtards and niggers struggle to do.

      Why did Japan have geishas(white face) as their ideal example of beauty well before coming into contact with white people?. Why are children often afraid of the dark but not the light?. Why were most ancient mythological antagonist characters(demons, devils, demigods etc) often depicted as darker than the protagonists within almost every single race/culture on the planet well before those races interacted with each other?.

      The truth is a rather more simple one, darkness is inherently more dangerous than light both then and now due to our biological dependency and need for light. We are not nocturnal creatures and it shows.

      There is also a social aspect to it too. Historically speaking those who worked low paid jobs spent all day slaving away outside whilst those with money stayed indoors much more hence lighter skins tones became associated with money and advantage whereas darker skin tones became associated with poverty.

      There is also the statistical aspect as well and lets be honest here, libtards aside, it is pretty much understood by most just by looking at any set of crime figures within any diverse country that on average you are far more likely to get raped, robbed, assaulted and/or killed by a nigger than a white person.

      It also doesnโ€™t help that niggers all look alike. White people have many different hair and eye colours, their features differ greatly as well. Niggers lack such biological diversity hence their lacklustre appeal.

      To conclude, human beings are drawn to the light like the moth is drawn to the flame and for much the same reason and that being that the light is far more resonant, piercing and warm than the dark.

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        Eh look, I didnโ€™t even watch Vid…to know niggers are without a doubt thee ugliest fuckin race on planet. Iโ€™m talking the 100% full fledge African gorilla,and American gorilla breed. Not trying to be racist wacko but some barely look human. Example: I was in a buffet restaurant and noticed a family of 5-6 niggers (no dad of course) but to the mother and grandmother looked just like the ape general from PotA 1968. astonishing that someone would even fuck her…repeatedly.
        Must suck to look in mirror and be stuck with them features. Itโ€™s why Michael Jackson wanted to be white. the males constantly try to impregnate white women to least have a somewhat normal looking human baby.

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      GDPR Harvester

      Id usually say the negroes are the ugliest ones, but not this time.
      I mean don’t get me wrong guys I love to troll, but lets be realistic, this is a question that depends from individual to individual, its something that’s hard to objectify.



      Any news on the f4g that shot that a few days ago? Easy death sentence if hes in one of the states that still uses the death penalty as means of punishment, if not life sentence with no possibility for parole. What kind of idiot would shoot a school without shooting himself in the end ikr?

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      Jewish women are the best! They’re not only sexy like the woman in the video below, they’re also extremely intelligent. Take a look at what the foxy lady has to say:

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        I knew you were a Jewish supremacist!


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        Nice And Non-Hateful Jews NO RACISTS HERE.

        So Nice, Peaceful, and well brought-up too,,, these little Fallen Angels, lol.

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      THE JEWS Take this prize hands down, as i will provide Names That You Can All Look-Up Afterwards!

      – Large Crookeder than A Pretzel-Noses. And Yes, Boys, & Girls, (Crookeder) Is A Real Word, lol)
      – Crooked Overlapping Teeth,,,
      – Inbred looking Close Together Cross-Eyes,,,
      – Little Slat-Mouths, especially on Men in General, but Much More Noticeable On Rabbi’s Hummm,,, Wonder Why, LOL??
      – Dirty, and Wrinkled Shirts, & Skirts,,,
      – Extremely dirty houses, or homes,,, i have witnessed this personally on more than one occasion, while renovating
      – Long unkempt dirty Fingernails, full of Young underage Boy’s Fecal Matter,,,
      – Extremely Bad Anal-Cavity Breath, like 2 of my Past, (very short termed), Doctors had,,,
      – Extremely unkempt, and Greasy hair, full of dandruff, and other mystery creepy-crawly’s in it,,,
      – Extremely, gut wrenching Smelly, and Dirty Dog Hair Filled Cars, that are full of Garbage,,,
      – Long, twisted Crut-Filled Toenails complete with dry crusty black crust under the heals, complete with toe-jamb
      – Either Super Tall, & skinny, with a Fat Head, or Super Short with a Basketball Sized Stomach, & Yellow Teeth

      I Was Going To Provide A List Of Jew-Ugly’s,,, Butt This Would Have Taken Me ALL NIGHT, And Used-Up Ton’s Of Mark’s Bandwidth, so unfortunately you will have to look it up yourselves. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        Only antisemites make fun of our great olfactory apparatus! You goys can only wish you had a big nose like ours instead of tiny pig-like noses. And let me remind you that according with The Book of Truth, also known as Torah, pigs are FILTHY animals. Not kosher at all!

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          Anti-Semites,,,Simply Words Invented/Created By (BIGOTED/RACIST JEWS,) AND “ONLY” FOR THE JEWS, So That They Can Continue Saying What They Want,About Anybody Especially If It’s Completely **UNTRUE & BAD, ABOUT ANY RACE THEY WANT,** But you Cannot “EVER” Say Anything About Ze-Racist-Jews Themselves **No Matter “HOW TRUE” IT REALLY IS!**

          If you truly want to know anything (TRUTHFUL ABOUT THE JEWS), WW#2, The 6 Million Myth,,, Concentration Camps,,, The Mass Murdering And The “TRUE CHAMPIONS” Of Killing People (Per Race, & Capita), Then it is very simple To Figure-Out. **SEE BELOW FOR COMPLETE DETAILS**

          One Must Just Completely Turn-It Around, And PRESTO,,, YOU GOT TRUTH. YOU WILL SEE THAT THE EXACT OPPOSITE IS TRUE ABOUT EVERYTHING, THEY SPEW-OUT, 100% OF IT! And i Will Prove Below. Also, you will see how The (2 TRUE KNOWN HOLOCAUSTS) That Were Committed, and have “EVER” Happened So Far, Were in-fact committed BY THE JEWS THEMSELVES.

          #1- They, *The Bolshevik-Jews* Were Responsible For The First, **AND TRUE HOLOCAUST** When They Killed Over 66 Million Orthodox-Christians, & Muslims, Just to Name The Majority of the Victims Involved, during The Bolshevik Revolution. In The Gulags Of Russia, and While Constructing The Long Road To Siberia, Which Is Often Referred To As **THE ROAD OF BONES** Got it’s Name from the Thousands of Body’s Just Left there to rot under this road while ALL NON-JEWS who perished while underfed,,, overworked, and many froze to death were just buried under the road saving on $$$ for back-fill.


          A-,, They *These Same (Bolshevik-Mongloid-Jews) have Killed Tens Of Thousands of Polish Officer’s in The Katyn Forest Massacre, Including The Women, Children,,, And Their Grandparents,,, no one was spared, yet Again, during THIS **THE SECOND TRUE HOLOCAUST TO HAVE EVER HAPPENED!** See The Pattern Emerging Here Boys, & Girls??

          B-,, These Cunts (BOLSHEVIK-NEANDERTHAL-DESCENDANTS), even went as far As Placing The Direct Blame on Nazi-Germany, And unsurprisingly, **because JEWS are such accomplished liars** These Despicable-Cunts Got Away With It For Quite Some Time. But Only Until Some Intelligent German People, (Senior-Citizens At The Time) Who Were Hiding, And Truly Witnessed These “JEWISH-SCUMBAGS” and Their Atrocities, Spoke-Out To Investigators Who “”NEVER TRUSTED LYING-JEWS”” And Their Story to begin with, Were THE JEWS FORCED TO ADMIT **THE TRUTH** THAT THEY HAD IN FACT, COMMITTED THESE HEINOUS CRIMES, & SENSELESS MURDERS OF OVER 20 THOUSAND SOULS, VERY SAD!


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      Because The Sick-Jews Still Teach THE TALMUD To Their Children In Their Private Jewish School’s Every other Race Should Keep Their Kids Far Away From Jewish Children, because they teach them that it is ok, and even Promote Killing, & Raping “ANY GOY” (Goy Means Non-Jewish), And Pls. Take This Very Seriously Boys, & Girls NO-JOKE.

      *************PLEASE READ NOTHING BUT 100% TRUTH BELOW***************


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      Israeli Jewish Women, are some of The Most Attractive in the World. I ONLY SPEAK DA-TRUTH! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        But you have to remember, you can’t make the white race great, between the legs of a non white woman. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Muja Mi Rona

      Beautiful girls all over the world!

      Thatโ€™s a funny nuts video. Is is legit? Not dubbed over or anything?

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        I Am just now enjoying a good After Lunch Smoke Meself, lol.

        Ya,, true this B G Bro, as there are cuties all over, i just noticed that many Jewish Girls were beautiful, but maybe it’s because they only chose to interview the pretty ones in Israel, with them,,, you never know, eh, lol??

        As for the Video, yes sir every video that i upload on a subject, i have read, and checked it’s background, and associated links! BROTHER NATHANAEL is an ex. Jew Himself, that could not stand the strict Jewish Religion of Hate, And (The Talmud), he decided to get himself a better, and happier lifestyle. Extremely Intelligent, and well versed on anything Jewish. Here Is his You-Tube Channel my man. You will be shocked, and hooked all at once when you learn all of the shit that these Jews Get Away With. Suff that if we did 5% of we would certainly be jailed for life,,, Cunts!

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          Muja Mi Rona

          Nothin like that smoke after youโ€™ve filled the belly!

          Iโ€™ll be sure to check out this Brother Nathanael cat. Cheers Dre.

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      You know what,,, I Should not be calling you names man. Shit like a Homo, and stuff like that, as you are not responsible for the wrongdoings and shortcomings of a whole race of people, when only a small portion of them are crooked, and also because not all Jews are bad people, but i always find myself letting my emotions get in the way, and as a result i feel bad, and regret it later. Whenever i get on this topic, i get upset because of the Few Bad Apples that do run most of our world, and because of it, i tend to put all of the eggs in the same basket. It’s mostly because of the sad fact that they continuously Rob Humanity of Trillions of Dollars, (just like The Crooked Vatican, And it’s Diddler Priests also do, but on a much smaller scale of $$$), but they are no better either. But It makes me very upset when i see all the False Flag Destruction of Countries, the killing of completely innocent People, and the continued swindling of funds that could easily feed, and provide medical care for every living soul on our Earth, if they just would stop all of the war mongering, and the legal slavery of us all for their corporate gain, by the hogging of our monetary system, leaving many of the worlds Downtrodden on the streets to starve. Do you know where i’m coming from?? ๐Ÿ™

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        @DRE, schlomo is not Jewish dre. He’s just making fun of them pretending to be one. He’s one of us. LOL

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          @Protocolsofzion @@Schlomo,

          You guys are hilarious man, lol. Thanks for the heads-up @Proticolsofzion. I probably would have “eventually” figured this-Out after awhile, seeing that You were not jumping-Into the action, And To My Defense, Like You Have Always Done In The Past, cause we have had each others Veterans backs since our very Humble beginnings on here.

          Ha,ha,ha! @Schlomo You My B G Brother should receive an Academy-Award for your Performance, my man, ad to think that i truly starting feeling bad for you, is just too fucking funny bro! Kudos to you, and A Big Official HELLO TO YOU, my new Best-Gore Brother!

          ***********YOU GOT ME GOOD, lol, lol. :)************

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          You bet I got you good hahaha! There should be no problem with me getting an Academy Award since we joos OWN that lovely place called Hollywood. We actually infiltrated in every kind of mainstream artistic content. That’s why 90% of directors, actors, musicians and celebrities in general are ALWAYS verging to the Left,
          virtue signalling, supporting filthy people such as Obama, Clinton, Sanders and filthy social movements such as Feminism and Black Lies Matter.

          Btw, I said some pretty bad things like “all the non-jews are going to become our slaves” and “What’s the problem with genital mutilation in babies? I never heard a baby say no” and things like that.(((They))) managed to infiltrate in Western Civilization through LIES and DECEPTION and through making people feel guilt-ridden about them after WW2. If someday you encounter a real jew that DOES support these things and other forms of degeneracy and global control (which the vast majority of jews do support) then you shouldn’t feel bad for calling the jew for what he really is. Stay well.

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          You “DID INDEED” Get Me DAMN-GOOD my little Younger B G Bro! And yea,,, lol, as for The Academy-Award Goes, i knew that you would get a kick out of it, lol. As For The Academy’s being In Holly-Woody you’re correct, as it is The Diddler Capital Of The World, where little Boys, & Girls Earn Their Squirts in order to become Big Cum Juggling Stars, on The Walk Of Shame. That CUNTY-CUNT Barbara Specter should Be Thrown, Head-First, in A Federal Penitentiary with a Bunch of Very Pissed-Off Men Doing Life Sentences For Being Falsely Accused by Liberated Women, lol, lol.

          I WOULD PAY 10 Thousand Dollars to See Her Get Torn-Apart Piece, by Smelly Piece While Trying To Scream, but all that This Kunt Can Muster-Up, And Coming-Out is A Wheezing Sound, (Just Like A Pig When He Is Getting His Balls Cut-Out) Because They Severed Her Windpipe, Being Extremely Careful Not To Sever Her Neck Arteries. Ahhhhh,,,Man!!! Just The Thought Of This, Brings Me This Incredible Sense Of Joy, Along With A Warm Fuzzy, and Cozy Feeling All Over. And If That’s Not Enough, I Am Left With This huge smile That I Can Just Not Get Off Me Face, No Matter How Hard That I Try. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ SEE??? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

          Now,,, For Gorge Soros,,, The Morgans,,, The Rockefeller’s,,, The Rothschild’s,,,The Clit-Tons,,, The Bushes,,, The ALL These Holly-Woody Diddling Cunty-Cunts,,, And Many More *JEW-CUNTS NAMES* That I’m Sure A Guy Like Yourself Can Come-Up With. No, Now I Will Leave This Fun Part For Yourself To Complete, lol. So How Would You Off These Degenerate Scum-O-The-Earth Brother??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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          @Protocolsofzion @@Schlomo,


          ************8HERE IS A NICE VIDEO FOR US ALL TO ENJOY!*************

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        @thedre @theprotocolsofzion

        Mr. Zion is right, Dre. I’m not jewish, I’m a 18 yrs old White man who is very aware about the evils of Leftism, Postmodernism, Globalism, White Genocide and most importantly – WHO are the (((ones))) behind it. Just by my name you should know I’m not jewish since I’m using an avatar that shows what wonderful presents jews brought to us, like Bolshevism, and I’m using jewish surnames with things that are promoted by them such as race mixing, porn and interracial porn. And yes, (((they))) are behind porn and several other kinds of degeneracy in order to turn White men into addicted untermensch and White women into floozy feminist cunts. I’m going to make a post about porn soon.

        I’m well aware of the JQ and I even posted a documentary about it here. “Europa – The Last Battle” is the best documentary you’ll ever find about the JQ and the Holohoax, trust me.

        You obviously got a little over the top and that made me laugh a lot, you wrote several funny insults that are actually true. I’m not here only to troll, my mission here is to portray a bloodsucking Jew in a way that EDUCATES people through RHETORIC and SATIRE about the evils we face in this world and who are the ones behind it. Few jews actually let their intentions slip out but there are plenty of examples out there, such as that interview with (((Barbara Spectre))).

        I hope my trolling doesn’t get in the way of our friendship, just know what my real intentions are and that we’re on the same side here. Stay well.

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      Australia’s and Papua’s aboriginals are doted with some creepy facial features.
      Southern Africa’s aboriginals (Khoisan and the likes) are pretty handsome as a whole, much more than their new colonial masters, aka Bantus.

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      Spanish chicks and Black chick’s age well… Asian chicks and white chick’s look beautiful when their young and dead.. In my opinion.

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      In all seriousness though… The Paris to Drakkar rally is the most attractive… The Mexico Baja rally is the ugliest… There I said it!

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      somalian niggers are the ugliest dumbest most useless fucks you can ever have the displeasure of coming across.

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        Man,,, you are so right Brother. And Simply because Those Ugly As Fuck, Buck-Toothed Somali Women, Are something Of Nightmares. I Betya that their Cunts have this Incredibly Rancid, And (King-Fish) Smelling Cunts, That Must Truly Match their looks. It Would Probably take You 3 Showers to get that Yeast-Infection Smelling Stunky-Skunky Stench Off
        Even If You Just Fingered Her,,, Whoaaaaaaa111 ๐Ÿ™

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