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      Exactly! In the Middle Ages it was commonplace for European church alms to be used to ransom back slaves from the Turks.

      British tourists could see Greek slaves in Egypt forty and fifty years after they were sold there in the 1820 s. Look up the Massacre of Chios,
      Known as Scio in France and Europe.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Massacre_at_Chios

      It was world famous and the French painted scenes which are still in the Louvre to this day.

      English author Daniel Defoe of “Robinson Crusoe” fame was a slave of the Barbary Turks for years!

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      What the fuck is this Black History Month? Thank God we don’t have that shit in Australia yet. We aren’t far behind though. I hear we now have wear -a -burkah days in primary school for cultural enrichment. We really do need public whipping in the town squares again and I have my list ready and waiting ….

      Also note Pepys Diary , “…Called into the master’s quarters to lie there all night…”

      Get it? The men were sex slaves of the dirty bum-raping Turks ( Moslems). Grown men fucked in their arse against their will !

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        LOL totally understood what you meant dirty turk’s were a bunch of Filthy fags themselves. I read up on Vlad the impaler was also raped by his Turkish captures throughout his childhood ,glad he got back at those Degenerates in a similar way, they destroyed his childhood. I was curious to know if you know of an alternate site where I can share photos and embed here I rather avoid using imgur.

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          No , I didn’t know that about Vlad! Wow! Nothing has changed. Many men have been raped by ISiS and America’s “moderate ” terrorists to this day as was Lawrence of Arabia by the Turks back in WWI. The movie even controversially alluded to it. It is a little complicated for him though as he was known to be homo and like it rough but by all accounts his rape at the hands of his Turk captor left him unhinged for life afterwards.

          He died in a motorbike accident soon after (death by purposeful motor accident?) Very common for young men in rural Australia to this day.

          No Mate,sorry. I know shit about sites and Imgur. I don’t have a gif site account to this day. Lol

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      Also the biggest slaver of Blacks that White Men noted in Subsaharan East and South Africa in the Age of Exploration with Livingstone and Stanley was an “Arab “but I’ve seen a photo of him and he was a Subsaharan Bantu Negro. Arab was obviously just the 1800s posh way of saying a Moslem man (even if black) rather than a run-of-the-mill “mudhut””spearchucking” naked savage Black man whom they would have called a “black” or Negro.

      Don’t forget we -the West- allowed dirty Moslem cunts to set up slave markets in Libya and Syria in our own days ,only a few years ago . Within twenty years they will be doing the same in Europe as by current births they will be in the political and numerical majority!

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