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      Here are a few videos of white women and girls getting beaten up by non white people. Take a good look at your white privilege ladies. Hey white woman, maybe you do need white men after all.




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      White girl in Sweden kicked in the head multiple times.


      White women being viciously beaten by blacks.


      White girl being forced to kiss non white’s feet.


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      More white girls being beat up by black people.


      Multiple blacks attacking whites.


      Whites getting beaten.


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      Kill all the white babies.


      Blond white girl dragged by hair.


      White girl knocked out cold.


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      White girls being beat up.


      White women getting beat up and robbed at gun point.


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      i def need a nice white man to come kick the shit out of my crazy piece of crap racist neighbor. she verbally assaulted me and then tried to physically assault me. god, i fucking hate her. she’s far, far more entitled than any white person i’ve ever met. she is the reason people see black women as trashy hood rats. i hope the police she hates, yet calls all the goddamned time, end up murking her out. if anyone ever feels like going on a killing spree, please hit her first. then my next door neighbor who is also a the above, but male.

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      ummm, maybe? are you going to murder me and then share the recording with our best gore fam?
      why do you ask?

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        @xunseenx hahahahaha LOL. That made me laugh so hard!!! I can understand your hesitation in sharing that information. The reason I ask is because if you live alone, I was going to suggest you should get a boyfriend or get married. There are lots of benefits to having a man around the house. You get love, companionship, financial benefits, and someone who will fight for you and protect you. You could also have kids and have a family.

        There’s a reason it’s been done that way for thousands of years.

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          aaahhh, i feel much better about your asking now! damn my paranoia!

          i agree with you. i’d be all for marriage if i could be assured that my husband would stay loyal. unfortunately, i feel like that is something that may be as real as, well, big foot. meaning, hell, loyal men may exist, but i’ve yet to meet one. big foot seems like a better bet. 🙁

          for now, i just dream of the day when i won’t live in a place surrounded by trash. i’m starting small!

          thank you for your great advice, and also reading your reply to dre. that was the wholesomeness i needed today, and damned solid advice!

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          That was funny.lol

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      It is on record that some White Trash Land-Whaling Whores love a good Old-Fashioned Beating Before Getting-It Up Ze-Ass & Gang-Banged By Some Tyronian-Monkey-Men in their Permanent Monkey-Suits, Yea?? 😉

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          Lol,,, That’s It ??? 🙁 After not seeing you, or speaking to you for months and a Lol, is all you have to say to me?? I’m Genuinely Hurt Brother. So I Guess What @Desp said a while ago was indeed true.
          And that was that everybody now, and for awhile now hates my guts, which was the reason why i was not on much lately, or semi-absent for the most part, the last two weeks or so.

          Cause since reading what “I Now Know To Be The 100% Truth” from desp, she has has made me open my eyes by making me realize that my Flat-Earth Stuff really did have that bad of an effect, and a negative impact on my overall self as an individual. So that was the beginning of when people started being so incredibly Hateful/Cold towards me.

          But Never did Yourself, or desp take-it (My Flat-Earth Stuff) too seriously,,throwing a few jokes my way instead of just shunning me as if i never existed, or was part of a family (This Family) Anymore. You’s never took it to the extreme, and to the point where you were either embarrassed, or just too furious to even talk to me anymore.

          But for some people to be hating my guts so much, and to just completely stop talking to me unless it is to cut me down to the lowest, and embarrass me to the fullest extent because of what my beliefs, or what my thoughts were/are on certain topics,,, i could never understand Never!

          As i could not do that to my worse enemy, which i honestly do not have, as i have always been a guy with a big heart. A guy that has always been quick to forgive and forget, and willing to lend a hand to anyone in need,,, Always brother. I Cant do it bud,,, i cannot hold grudges or hate a fellow human so much,

          And if i do blow (Once In Awhile) It’s because even though i have been trying “and trying so hard” to ignore all of the hateful remarks, mockery, and the ridiculing, the build-up would become to much to bare it would hurt too much for myself to admit that i did not read-it/them when (I Lied) and Did Read Them All, S I let it out, but never meant what i said to them. 🙁

          And now that you’s all know that i have spent the last 3 weeks, or so reading all of the hateful things that many have written about me, it would be silly of me to just not leave and for good. I Mean would you stay brother?? How do you stay somewhere that you are clearly not wanted anymore, and carry on with your head up high??

          I Mean To read what people have said/wrote about you just about (Every Single Day) and I Really Did read them all (even when not tagged),as they are not hard to find as they are everywhere. And if i do blow a couple times a year “Now”,,, i am always the first & “Only Person” to apologize and Very Sincerely so. So P.O.Z. & desp please forgive me if i find it mind-boggling how people can just hate me so bad, when i myself cannot do it,,, I Cant.

          And Again,,, because desp & Yourself have always been brutally honest with me by telling me not what i want to hear but what i need to hear, you two have always been in my heart as good caring individuals who look out for my own best interest in the process, and never fake, or non trustworthy.

          And i say this cause like Yourself also P.O.Z. you (Never Beat Around The Bush) with me but instead *You Always* said-it like it is, truthfully and honestly like Good & True Friends. And because of this,,, i Always Respected You immensely Brother which is something that i never told you, but felt you deserved to know.

          So In Closing,,,
          I Was just joking in my first paragraph about only saying Lol To me brother.
          No i was not high or drunk while writing this,,, in fact i have never been more sober in my life, having not even smoked a joint in 3 days now, a record for me, lol.
          And i wanted to thank-You’s for being good friends for all these years.
          I Love You Both and very much so, just wanted you’s to know.

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          @thedre I was going to say, that was a lot to interpret from an LOL. Honestly Dre, If I were you, I would just drop flat earth on BG. Discuss it on youtube or something with people who agree with it. On BG, just move on to new things. Like the old days. Do you see how many topics I write about? If I were to just write about the same topic over and over and over, it would get boring. No-one would want to read it.

          Here’s another point. When you are writing about a topic, if someone disagrees with the topic, whatever that topic might be, don’t get mad about it and insult the person. Just agree to disagree. That’s what I do on everything I write. I only start arguing if someone gets rude or nasty with me. I don’t care if they disagree with what I post. Some will agree and some won’t.

          Every day you wake up is a fresh new start. Leave the past in the past. Let it go. Here’s an idea.💡Tomorrow, a fresh new start for you on BG. What do you think? Just let the past stuff blow over, don’t bring it up anymore. Fresh start tomorrow.🌅

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          @thedre I dont recall ever saying everyone hates your guts. Pissed and disgusted maybe 🙂

          It is good you realize Flat Earth is cause of all this unrest. Not your belief but subsequent arguments that devolved into personal attacks between all involved

          Alot of hurt feelings on all sides that maybe with time can be healed. Hang in here 🙂

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      Geezus….thanks for giving me more reasons not to leave my home 😞
      For fuck sakes…this world is done

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      Hey Girl, hope all is well with you, and yours. And It’s always so Nice to see you drop in again.
      Alicatt,,, I Have been meaning to ask you,,, how long you have been here with us??
      I Was thinking like 9 + years-Now,,, Am i even close?? (with my shitty memory & all),lol, just not sure.
      Just thought i’d pop-in and say hi once i saw that you had commented on the sites sidebar.
      🙂 So A Nice/Warm Hello To My Veteran Best-Gore Sister. 🙂

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      Hey Dre! How are ya?
      Yeah been here 9 or 10 yrs now…where does the time go?
      I miss those old days.
      Anyways, be well my friend!

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