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      The reason why Jews hate White Nationalism is because they don’t get to influence the politics, it excludes them from having any say in government, they don’t get to have a say in our affairs. It excludes them from have any say in media, entertainment, banking, religion, culture.

      If a nation is controlled by white nationalists, then the Jews can’t brainwash the women to be whores, to be in pornography, to race mix, to divide the men from the women.


      race mixing

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      They can’t open the borders and flood the country with foreigners so whites become a minority.


      They can’t get their hands on the newspapers, magazines, films, television, and brainwash white people to hate themselves, and all other races to hate them as well.


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      They can’t get their hands on our children and teach them about homosexual perversion in school, to confuse them about their gender, to encourage them to become transexuals.


      They can’t promote violence in video games and movies. They can’t promote every vice and perversion they can think of and corrupt the morals of our youth at a young age.

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      They love multiculturalism because it includes everybody, including them, so they can influence politics and get into positions of power. If they can make the whole world multicultural, they can take over the planet.


      If all the races embrace racial nationalism, then the Jews can’t seize power over other races and make them their slaves.
      Basically, they can’t do what they want, and that is to destroy the white race and enslave all of the other races.


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      A country run by white nationalists is heaven on earth for white people and their families.

      party time

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      So, that’s the reason why Jews hate white nationalism, because it will ruin all of their plans to take over the entire planet.

      Now, the whole world has had a chance to see what will happen if the Jews rule the planet. They will undermine every other race and abuse us, torture us, murder us, exterminate us.

      Hate speech laws are written by Jews in order to make it illegal for people to talk about what they’re up to. So you can’t see the information you just read. So Jews can trick everybody, because people are afraid to talk about them.

      hate speech

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      Their ultimate plan is to rule the world through their Abrahamic Religions which are a complete brainwash fairytale.


      jews praying


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      And the people who join these secret societies and betray their races for money, are small minded little fools. So all of you guys in secret societies, go ahead, and help the Jews take over the planet, and it will be a hell on earth for everybody but them.

      secret societies

      hell on earth

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      I guess a more accurate question would be: “Why do Jews hate?” Remember, believing the Holocaust is an expression of racial hatred toward the German people.

      Not sure if you’ve seen, but after the last month’s attacks on Iran, Adam Green of Know Your News posted the video titled “Zion Wars” in which he covers the plot by the Jews to blame white people for what they do to the world. It’s an hour and 52 minutes long, but worth every minute. Packed with valid and relevant information:

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        @happy “believing the Holocaust is an expression of racial hatred toward the German people”. That’s an interesting sentence right there. I think I’ll borrow that! I’m going to watch the video now.

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          Empty soul


          The problem is that the prevailing contemporary thought of today amongst the chattering classes is that white people cannot be victims of racial hatred and abuse because of white “privilege”.

          Now. Here lies the issue at hand. Most of us know that Jews are responsible for a lot of the white nation destruction that has happened, both internally and externally. They get away with it though because they are constantly in a state of flux for the most part. A Schrodinger’s white man if you will. Wherein they can be simultaneously white and not white at the same time depending upon the viewing point.

          In the above the Jew can be in top level positions within white countries and societies and fully blend in, all the while creating internal strife and wars and such. The moment you notice them though and point out their wrongdoing they cease to be white and become a downtrodden victimised “minority” in need of protection.

          Schrodinger’s white man indeed.

          The above makes it very difficult to attach blame to them because when carrying out wrongdoing they take up the mantle of being white but when caught out they switch character so that they are not.

          The end result of course being that white people are always to blame no matter what and the Jews always the victims.

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          Zios most definitely strive to maintain a monopoly on victimhood and I mean real victimhood. This of course does not preclude them from trying to also gain sympathy from false slights!

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          @empty-soul Here is a nice example of exactly what you wrote.

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      The Jews won, my friend.

      They aren’t “trying” to infiltrate, they have.

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