Why do white Americans call the police on people for #LivingWhileBlack?

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      American people are crybabies. They are ALL hyper-hysterical, and long been trained to call police (waste resources) from long ago. Waaaaah

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        What do you know about “American people.? You know all of us personally?

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      Q)Why do white Americans call the police on people for #LivingWhileBlack?.

      A) FBI crime statistics, Table 21.

      In short, past precedent sets current viewpoints. For example, if your car has been broken into and your shit stolen many times before by black people you will come to suspect and believe that any black person standing near your car is about to commit a crime even if they are innocent.

      The niggers can’t complain though because they racially profile people as well. They believe for example that all white cops will do them harm just because some have done so before and will do so again.

      This is no different than what white people do when they racially profile blacks. Past precedent sets current viewpoint.

      As for the Starbucks incident. That one had nothing to do with race and everything to do with rotating door business policy and profit margins.

      Businesses don’t like people taking up space and reducing the availability of seating if they are not buying anything because it reduces the flow of newer, paying customers.

      If a white guy was sitting at a restaurant table for over an hour without buying anything he would get asked to leave to and the cops called if they refused to because the only colour capitalism cares about is the colour of money.

      To conclude. Niggers play the race card far too much.

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      If there exists a recorded 911 call that would confirm this claim, I would love to hear it.
      911- “911, how may I assist you?”
      White caller- “Yeah uh, we got this nigger over here and he’s living while black. Could you send someone out as soon as possible?”

      Now, if it were #LivingLikeABlack, the list of reasons to call the cops goes on for days. At least 50 of which would involve a watermelon patch.

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