Why Has Nobody Destroyed The Georgia Guidestones Yet ???

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      Although the only witness which The Jews Said had A Fictitious Name called Mr. Christian had supposedly built, and paid for the construction of these Georgia-Guidestones, he was killed by A Jewish Hit-man, and disappeared forever off the face of the Earth. **ABOVE WAS A TOTAL JEWISH-LIE**


      The Grossly Misunderstood Georgia Guide-Stones
      The Georgia Guide-Stones were built and paid for by Southern Men of the Highest Character, namely,,,
      The Atlanta Freemasons. But even though the Freemason’s are slaves of The Jews, as History has shown this,,, they (The Jews) are/have been trying to blame-it on a Christian Man with a fictions name of Mr. Christian, lol. This is quite ironic no?? So They (The Jews) say that this Church Leader who belonged to some Roman Catholic Church erected these stones in the middle of the night some years ago, had an insane desire/appetite to do so. JEW-LIE.

      Georgia Guidestones – Blue Ridge Journal
      The monument, called “Georgia Guidestones” (GG) was duly paid for, constructed, and opened to the public in March 1980. “Mr. Christian” whom was not ever seen, or heard of again after his original visit, and no one to this day knows who he was, or who paid for the construction. **DIRECTLY ABOVE ANOTHER FILTHY JEWISH-LIE**

      He was nothing but A Jew slave who was forced to lie, only to be killed afterwards so his lie would never resurface again.The Jews Built, Paid For, And Erected their Wet Dream Plans of a thinned-out population that they could much better control, and put to work as their slaves, and that’s it! 🙁

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      @thedre I’ve read that the Guidestones were built by Ted Turner. My brother went to see them once when he was trucking down in the US. He said they were huge.


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        That’s cool that your brother got to see them and to read them,,, Especially.
        I Also Will (one day) after all this Corona-Bullshit is finally over visit Them With Cathy.
        And once we are done taking many pictures of it, Cathy will return to the hotel Alone,,, And i will have
        some nice,,, i would like to say “Nice Quiet” time together, lol, but that WillKnot be the case. 😉

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      These are the numbers and letters that are on the cube. 8 16 20 14 MM JAM When you punch them in to a gematria calculator, they equal the number 691 in Jewish Gematria.

      691 in Jewish Gematria also equals the word Masonry.

      Here is the Gematria calculator I used. https://www.gematrix.org

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