why isnt this website better than what it is

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      why do only a small portion of the older videos work? im a new user and one of the biggest things that stands out to me is the amount of older videos that wont load and play. is this an archive or is it place to post something and then let it fade away after a period of time?

      this seems like a great website if youre interested in the things youve posted over the last several months, but after that, who cares if it doesnt play anymore. right?

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      The videos need to be restored after our former video host backstabbed us after many years of use. The reason why the restoration works are slower than they should be are all the people asking why older videos are missing. This has been beaten to death a million times over, answers a dozen million times, yet there always is somebody to bring it up over and over again. If I did not have to deal with stuff like this thread multiple times every day, videos would have been already restored.

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