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      It hurts when IP

      If I donate my green, how would it be spent?

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      Best Gore is provided for free to everyone. Even if you don’t donate, the site will be available to you, so long as I can handle the bills. There is ongoing cost for hosting and CDN and domain name registration. Donations would be used to help with those bills.

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      How to donate, best way?

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      IP Config

      I don’t mind donating. Just not too familiar with bitcoin donations (even though I work in IT ironically) and don’t trust that particular medium of exchange. Have to do some research. Is bitcoin the only way or is there a more conventional means @VincitOmniaVeritas? @Mark?

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        @happy 🙂

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        @ip-config, @srbijabgd and everyone else interested:

        If you don’t currently have a Bitcoin wallet, take a look at the map of locations of Bitcoin machines. There could very well be one near you. You can deposit as much or as little money into any of those machine as you want. They will be automatically converted into Bitcoins and sent to the chosen account:


        These machine have a QR code reader, so you can just load it up to your phone, or print it out on a piece of paper. Both ways will work. You can get the code that should work from here:


        I presently have no more conventional means to accept donations available to me, but there may be a workaround. If Bitcoin is not convenient, hit me up on bestgore [at] tutanota.com so I can forward additional instructions.

        Thank you once again for your support.


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      I Have been donating to bestgore for over a decade now. And i can assure you as i have gotten to know Mark very well through years of E-Mails, and then finally in person last year. And with all the many Gore Sites now out there since Mark started Best-Gore, i can assure you that He is The Real Deal (sort of speak) when it comes to honesty, and integrity.

      I Have gotten to spend a little over three weeks with him during my stay, and i can honestly say that everything that he has ever said to us has been, and still is 100% truthful for you doubters out there. And i say this because although Mark live a good life, it is a simple life with no frills,,,No Car,, or any Luxuries whatsoever and i mean like,, None! With Him, what you see is what you get.

      Way back when i,d send him donations, he’d get all excited, & shit, lol cause he could now afford to purchase some upgrades to better his laptop and give his viewers an overall better viewing experience, with better quality sound, and picture quality, (which he promptly did) lol, and right away lol. What??? no car Mark?? Nope,, every dime always went towards bettering his baby Best-Gore, and for whom??? *For Us* Man. In my entire life i have never met such an honest, unselfish, but different (in a good way) individual.

      I Mean c’mon guys/gall,, how many would choose to live like a peasant (sorry Mark) as don,t mean this in a bad way, but you know i speak the ultimate truth here. But seriously,,, how many would not take even some of the money that you’d get and spend-it (some of it) on yourself, by purchasing ourselves an old beater of a car, with money received mostly from porn adds, and a couple of good donators with good hearts as i am, lol. No but seriously, at least the basic necessities in life like a car, instead of putting every penny into a gore site, lol.

      How Many,,, Not this guy, (and many veterans know that i am also truly honest) so you know that i’m being totally honest cause i would spend some on other things too, wouldn’t you,s? and what would e wrong with it, you worked your ass off 7 days a week for 11 years man,,, BUT NOPE, LOL, Fucking guy won,t budge all B-G, or notin.

      But Nope,, with the little money that he has gotten throughout the years, it,s been Site,, SIte,, & SITE All The Way! And trust me i have given him shit over the years for it, but it fell on deaf ears, lol. That,s just Mark. Before returning back to Ottawa, i left him some of my clothe, and a pair of sunglasses. Cause He Had NONE, LOL.

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      I use duckduck browser, Btc adress provided for donation dosnt copy/paste to btc wallet.


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        @vycioha I’m not familiar with duckduck browser. I use a BTC walled called Ethereum. With that, and similar wallets, you can send coins easily. The address to which to send donations is:


        It is a correct address. You can verify on a blockchain explorer. Whereas BTC donations are anonymous, if you do send a donation, please let me know (you can do so by email: bestgore [at] tutanota.com) so that I can upgrade your account with a sponsor badge.

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          Thank you, copy/paste from dialog box btc adress does work.:)
          My plesure to donate, with out bages.

          So far one confirmation..

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      It hurts when IP

      Every cent counts I guess.

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