Why the hell is everyone condemning Freedom of Speech after Charlottesville?

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      This Charlottesville debacle has my brain fried. As a person who obviously has some liberal beliefs, you’d think I’d understand why the white nationalists are being condemned. It seems if you’re even 10% liberal, you should be blaming those racist bastards for all of this, right? If you just thought “Wrong!” then we’re of the same mind. There are so many wrongs with this situation. I’ll try to keep it simple.

      They had a permit and a rally planned that was announced and the city the knew they were coming. Now, almost every damn politician, including Republicans, are acting as if they suddenly attacked this poor city without warning to bring their message of hate (Free speech.) The counter-protesters were the uninvited party crashers.

      Why are so many people acting like that carrying a Confederate flag or swastika is against the law? There are politicians saying that “there is no place in America for these people.” YES, yes there is! Did new laws happen overnight banning neo-Nazis? Is Freedom of Speech revoked?

      Trump has been hung out to dry. You don’t have to like the man but I think what he said was fair. There’s blame on both sides. Every Republican who wanted to disassociate from him took this opportunity to do so. I’m sorry BLM or Antifa protesters but do you think these politicians are supporting you because they like you? No. It’s just convenient.

      Finally, why is one terrorist (or thousands) not representative of all the wonderful Muslims but this one guy who killed one person is THE face of all people who supported the Alt-right that day? What about people who just see history being erased and want to stop it? They are “terrorists” too?

      This country is so not okay. I cannot understand how anybody who thinks for just a moment cannot see that both sides were to blame and yes, I think the counter-protesters probably started it but if not, they showed up for a fight anyway and were prepared to fight. For those who mention the white nationalists had guns as if that’s the problem, did anyone get shot? They obviously have self-control.

      Thank you for listening to that rant. Please add your thoughts. If you disagree, fine, but please explain why one group can have a rally and another group cannot.

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      GDPR Harvester

      It’s simple politics really,
      First we have to look at the people who came.
      The white nationalists are a group of people who believe that the white race is fading out of America, thus they have radical views on topics such as superiority and immigration, but can we blame these people for their hatred? Most of them probably had bad experiences with people of other races or nationality, some of them lost their job because of these people, perhaps even some had traumatizing experiences in an early stage of life, which lead to this so-called hatred. We must consider the facts that there are many people on the earth today, and not everyone will agreed with what you think is radical/just/fair in general. Of course, when such people exist, they need someone to lead them. For that they need a well educated and respectful person, someone who understands their feelings and who is willing to fight for their rights. David Duke is someone like that. Now this guy has probably the biggest pair of balls in modern American politics, for he is one of the few politicians who speaks against the Zionist national agenda, denies the Holocaust and many other things. Weirdly, whenever he is in an argument non opposition can prove him wrong, but thats a story for another time.
      -So the nationalist whites woke up, they found reliable leaders like Duke and Spencer and they started uniting, all of this which lead to Charlottesville.

      By this the fact that the white nationalist are a group of people who are willing to obey to their leaders has now been explained, this is pretty much basic stuff. They did obey and the results were shown.

      The other group, the liberal disposition reacted to this on the same level at as the white nationalists. Outburst of violence in this peaceful and tolerant community. People would think that the liberals had some kind of brain in their shells, for if they did they would have never reacted so drastic, the state should have organised better protection for protesters and civilians, the deaths and injuries are proof that they did not.

      -So what awaits us in the future?
      Its hard to tell really, but chances are things aren’t gonna change much, however we should be cautious of radical individuals in these political societies, they have proven and will prove again to be a threat to world, and they won’t stop coming as long as there are people who back their actions.

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        Those are some fair points. I’ve never had a bad interaction with non-whites that altered my life but I think every American has a right to speak. And right now, it seems everyone is putting tape across the mouths of anyone not on the far left.

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      Empty soul


      I made a lengthy comment about this subject a number of days ago on the “Vehicular Attack in Charlottesville, Virginia” post and got abused quite a fair bit for it by those who didn’t understand what I was saying and/or didn’t care to understand and/or found it to be pointless even. I recommend taking a look at it if you haven’t already as it explains a lot of what you are seeing happen within modern liberal circles.

      Anyhow, to quickly answer your question. Modern liberals do not believe that freedom of speech should be extended to those with oppressive viewpoints(which ends up being anyone not espousing the most leftwing of liberal views ironically) and so set out to attack and destroy what they cannot outright ban. Oppression, in other words.

      Sadly then it’s not just the Nazis or the white supremacists getting oppressed by the far left either, it is also the Christians, those who object to uncontrolled immigration, those who object to freedom of speech being undermined etc, basically anyone the left deems to be unworthy of existing.

      The far left fear the far right rearing it’s ugly head again but utterly fail to realise that by doing the things they are currently doing and preventing people from peaceful protest they are only increasing the likelihood of the far right rising again.

      The politicians and the media are only using this current situation as a football to kick at Trump that’s all. Also, the public at each others throats is a good thing in their eyes because it takes their focus away from them.

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        What bothers me quite a bit is that while I expected the far left to demand “justice” ( ie. make those white racists shut up) – even the conservatives, the right are saying the alt-right and like-minded should shut up. Huh? These same people had a totally different attitude a year ago.

        I definitely agree that radicals are answered by radicals. The country is so racially-divided because at some point, stopping racism ceased and making non-whites superior started. You get backlash. Just as feminism pushed beyond the point of equal into superiority and now we see men’s groups going under different names and acronyms answering in a radical way as well. No matter the issue, radicals bring forth their counterparts.

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      My friend, I get your point! IMO, the meretricious, supercilious, effete “snowflake” left has adopted into their socialist ranks people who are very angry and racists (namely American Blacks). You see the mix of white liberals at demonstrations championing causes like BLM and Charlottesville. Hater Blacks racists do slick Willies and intruding themselves with these libs.

      just one more point… We who regularly visit Best Gore and stay informed about Black on White violence have understandings of ugly truths about how Blacks “really” are nasty violent people who hate crakas and America. The MSM has long studiously coddled Blacks and avoided letting the American masses know what Blacks are “really” like.

      For over two generations, Blacks have been literally getting away with murder in America. This is causing mostly angry invisible reactions in non-Blacks populations.
      I am Latino and strongly suggest that most Latinos will side with Whites “if” it ever came to blows. Blacks are making a big mistake if they think Latinos will be their allies when, and if, the caca hits the fan.

      I fear that one day soon the shit is going to hit the fan… if something isn’t done to educate Blacks about the dangers they are in.

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        @meteor Thanks so much for the input. I do think that MSM is ridiculous in their attempts to act like America is comfortable with diversity. At home, behind closed doors, people say what they really want to say but then show a fake tolerance in public.
        How very hypocritical many liberals are. They can cry over black lives on tv but do you think they drive home to a racially diverse neighborhood? Ha! They’re the same ones in secret Home Owners Association meetings making sure that the “bad element” doesn’t disturb their pretty, peaceful neighborhood.

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        Meteor, The native American and african slaves might disagree with you about black on white violence. Nice try though.

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      Empty soul


      Black people are the same the world over, no matter which country they reside in, and it has nothing to do with white supremacists keeping them down.

      The Chinese, Japanese, Indians etc have no such problems attaining success in white majority countries, only blacks. Blacks also fail in majority black countries as well which is why there are no successful(as in first world standards)black countries either.

      The Chinese, Japanese and Indians also tend to be very nationalistic(even supremacist)in how they view themselves as well. They are also the majority beneficiaries within their own countries, yet no one is accusing the Chinese and Japanese of possessing “yellow privilege” or the Indians of having “brown privilege” etc.

      What it boils down to then is this, evolution has made it so some races are better than others in different ways. Blacks for example lived like hunter/gatherers for many thousands of years more than any other race which meant they developed evolutionary traits related to better survival within those types of environment(physical traits etc) whereas other races developed farming practices and such and therefore over time gained traits related to ingenuity and intelligence so on and so forth.

      The above is why black people dominate the world of athletics but fail miserably at academics. Therein lies the problem, the first world is a world of academics because we have built machines to do most of the physical labour for us which also means that black people struggle to compete and survive in such a world. Liberals know this which is why every time a black person does achieve something the liberals shout it from the rooftops and play it on all the news channels because it is such a rare event to behold. No one else gets that level of attention because everybody else achieves success day in and day out as a matter of course. A white person, Chinese person, Indian person etc graduating University does not need to be advertised as a success story because it is all so ordinary and common.

      Anyhow, to cut a long story short. Liberals and blacks want white people to lower their standards so that black people feel less like failures, to handicap themselves in other words.

      There’s a problem with the above though, we now live in a global economy wherein countries compete against each other regularly. America being made to slow down then will only leave it badly damaged because no other country is handicapping themselves like that choosing instead to let their brightest and best push them full steam ahead.

      Have you ever seen the movie “Idiocracy”?, that’s the America of the future unless you stop mollycoddling blacks.

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      Personally, I feel that all you guys are way off the mark, heres my take;

      The Jews, lets start with them, long before they created Zionism,freemasonry, illuminati,the jesuits(all just jewish masks), they were hated, yes or no? Long before they controlled our banks,our news media, google, youtube, our own governments through control of the banking system, Hollywood, basically all information at this point. The war for our minds was won by them,long ago, hence the mass confusion, contradictions, hypocrisy, double standards,twisted meanings(ANTIFA are in fact the fascists railling against fascism) pure absurdity, I think you’ll agree, a 180º in fact, its all just “jew speak” in my opinion. The media and all the governments are guilty of this in their rhetoric and their actions and policies, which never make sense, do they?

      Recently the British Prime minister; Teresa May(a Rothschild puppet) criticized President Trump(another Rothschild puppet) on what he said or supposedly didn’t say or what he should’ve said, its a total mind-fuck! its all just scripted theatre created by the writers of our reality, “the think tanks”.

      Democracy is bullshit! “its an illusion of choice” George Carlin. Elections are not rigged in the sense we think they are, elections are just more theatre, the second act, so to speak. Fake polls get us ready for their pre-selected candidates of choice, but ALL elections are COMPARTMENTALIZED to such a degree that it stunned me, back in 2005 when I had once volunteered. You hand your ‘count’ to one person, he/she collects other ‘counts’, then hands it to another person, so who the fuck knows if the ‘head counter’ just makes up the numbers to fit the polls, that we’ve all been programmed to believe.

      I put it to you that if Polls and Elections were in fact real, then Nigel Farage would probably be 80% in the polls and would obviously be the real UK Prime Minister, but NO! we’re told hes at about 2 or 3% in the polls, I call bullshit on that one I’m afraid.

      We have a massive problem with “acid attacks” here in London now, rapes all over Europe, terrorist attacks(or as I call them “false flags” to further create hatred between all the races of the UK and Europe and point it towards muslims ONLY). All the while we have open borders, its sheer lunacy! But please don’t be fooled by those that say its because of the mis-guided mentality of a certain liberalistic frame of mind, No! its Insidious, malicious and PLANNED. Nor should you accept that our politicians are doing it because “their heart is in the right place”, again bull-fucking-shit I say!.

      Now, I’m guessing that you think that democracy is real, that our politicians were democratically elected, that the left vs right paradigm is also real, that ISIS is real,(or should that be Israel) … now I could go on a rant for 100s of paragraphs, I could write a book that would never see the light of day, let alone get published, but but BUT to cut my premise way way shorter than I probably should, I just think that muslims are the pawns, as are we, and unless we checkmate the kings once and for all, we’re fucked, basically.

      So why are they banning(not TRYING to ban, they’ve been banning and are continuing to ban) free speech? Condemnation is the first step in getting you to hate something therefore you can then disregard everything the condemned has to say. Free speech allows for hate speech, but the brain-washed masses have to hate free speech first. That’s “Jew think” for ya.

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      fcuker, is about as logical as it gets.
      It’s not freedom of speech, ITS CALLED FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION! A constitutionality protected activity, under the 1st amendment. However, freedoms are not free,and blood must be shed to keep tyrants at bay,but most people are too scared to even speak their minds,let alone fight. Now I do not agree with the alt right,alt left, republicans,democrats, conservatives,liberals or any other so called group. They are all the same, simply STATIST, who all wish to use state violence to force their beliefs, and dogmatic way of life onto me. I think ALL you people who worship government,are the problem. Back to the topic- the white nationalist, seem to understand the Jews better than most, which baffles my mind as to why they would attempt to call them out, knowing what happened to others, who called them out- Kennedy, Ghadaffi, Malcom x, and especially the great Adolf Hitler. It’s a death sentence and any kind of attack against any jews should be done in secrecy and with great focus. The blacks are indeed racist as well. That’s not a crime tho. The only time anything matters, is when violence is initiated against others. Fuck your feelings,I thought this was the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Ban free speech? Free speech zones, misogyny, affirmative action, all the bullshit you uneducated douchebags believe is ok is actually DISCRIMINATION. Pure hypocrisy from the left and right and as a MGTOW, I can’t wait for it AlL to come crumbling down! I have the popcorn ready as this shitshow is about to begin.

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        Freedom of speech; freedom of expression – they are often interchanged. Whichever you choose to call it, it’s one of several things protected under the First Amendment.

        “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

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          You can’t teach me constitutional law. Their activity falls under freedom of expression. Also, that is of no importance to non government since the constitution only refers to what GOVERNMENT cannot do, not what people can’t do. The constitution puts restraints on what government cannot do and not what citizen have to accept. You also contradict yourself, as most statist do. If you believe in freedom of speech, how is it you also believe in a government issued/blessed “permit” which hinders a group/persons inalienable right to assemble and protest? Why does any one need governments permission? Why does having a permit make it legitimate? You are as anti American as the rest and do not even see it. The founding fathers would have already hung you all from trees.

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          Young Hitler – Obviously, I can teach you Constitutional Law. I just quoted it to you after you incorrectly “corrected” me. I also did not contradict myself. Having to obtain a permit is not the same as something being banned completely. A permit is more like a heads-up to a city so they know an event will take place and can be prepared. And as we saw, not having a permit doesn’t seem to carry repercussions anyway. It seems more like a courtesy.
          You don’t seem to grasp the role government plays in people’s lives – everybody’s lives. You seem to think you are exempt from it just because you don’t support it. You’re not.

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      Empty soul

      Actually, you are not being logical. You are being emotional some of the time and apathetic the rest and just considering your position superior thinking in order to tie it all up in a nice big colourful ribbon.

      Jews interfere with politics for their own motives all the time but that does not make political positioning itself irrelevant because we all experience it’s manifested forms each and every day and it effects us all differently.

      Uncontrolled immigration for example ruins the lives of the indigenous working class populations. It put’s them out of work and increases crime levels and the level of homelessness etc. Uncontrolled immigration is a leftwing political policy therefore anyone damaged by this policy will automatically align themselves with the opposition to that particular policy so on and so forth. Eventually you will find that your for and against list places you within the borders of one group more than another.

      In the above, whenever the rightwing becomes the largest side it is only because the leftwing have caused the majority too much harm and vice versa and whilst I agree that Democracy is a rigged game and politics(as it exists at governmental level) is fixed so that the Jews and the money men win every time it still does not make political positioning itself irrelevant because that is the only way people can show their dissatisfaction with the way things are and political positioning has been going on for thousands of years, long before the Jews came to be.

      To conclude, against the normally insurmountable strength is only ever effective in numbers so don‘t be afraid to pick a side and roll with it because a set of potential allies will afford you far better protection than you would normally have facing down a definite set of enemies outnumbered and alone.

      Self-imposed isolation is not the same as self-dependence.

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        The government is the peoples enemy. Empty soul = government worshiper Aka STATIST.

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      Empty soul

      You’re acting childish now.

      The leftwing “everyone I disagree with is a Nazi”.

      The rightwing “everyone I disagree with is a cuck”.

      You “everyone I disagree with is a STATIST”.

      You see my point, you have made yourself out to be different from the masses mainstream “herd” mentality and yet you are fostering one yourself because in your particular viewpoint divergent opinion is the same as being the enemy within.

      I actually at no point during my comment gave any support to the government at all, in fact I referred to them has being rigged and providing fixed results. My point was that people can still hold various positions and opinions outside of that chain because the ramifications of such various positioning still have very real consequences on peoples lives and therefore one would have to be idiotic to allow others to steamroll over them without concern.

      One does not need to be a government supporter and/or member of a political party in order to have a position on subjects like uncontrolled immigration now do they.

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      Empty soul

      I might as well also add to the above that your interpretation of statism is also flawed.

      The state does not control economic or social policy, not in the first world anyway. These things are sculpted and pushed by private enterprise and the state just goes along with it because they are owned and influenced by the financial class.

      It does not aid the individual state for their privately owned businesses to offshore industry for example, nor does it aid the state to allow mass uncontrolled immigration to lower wages and therefore lower overall tax intake. Neither does it aid the state to increase welfare expenditure and tax avoidance in general etc.

      This concurrent laissez faire attitude towards individual private enterprise then is therefore very much anti-state and yet therefore still very much ultimately negative to the individual person as well despite your insistence that anti-state individualism is positive to the individual by it’s very nature.

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